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03.05.2013 , 06:48 PM | #11
Well firstly customer services in game is great all be it slow. Perhaps you should have given more info on your issue. Judging by there response u mentoin they were not given a clear picture of the issue. Instead of just copying your original ticket perhaps you should have rewritten it to make it more informative as its clear they didnt understand your original ticket.

As for your post warning ppl against subbing isnt that abit silly. Let ppl make up there own minds about subbing cos reality is many ppl have a great expeirance with live agents/tickets.

Unsubbing your game is your choice but if this is what it takes to make you quit then I think you cant have liked the game that much to give up on your issue. But wot I dont lije is how you coming here trying to get ppl to not sub or unsub coz of your agenda anf then think we care ur unsubbing. Let ppl decidw for themselfs. And make ur post in the correct forum which would have been the customer support forum.
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03.05.2013 , 07:04 PM | #12
im sitll havving issues with BW's CS both ingame and over the phone, in terms of buying cartel coins and the expansion due to their crappy site i missed out on the 5 day early acess to the expansion

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03.07.2013 , 10:03 AM | #13
I thought the customer service was amazing... Sure I never had the same problems but everything else they stayed with me in till it was resolved I remember I had a time were I was exchanging emails with them like 10 times in till it was finally resolved so idk if u called a bad person or whatever but I have a opposite opinion for there CS
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03.07.2013 , 11:30 AM | #14
I've had my ups and downs with customer support. But to say do not subscribe just because of customer support... thats all on you but I see first hand what a subscriber account (mine) looks like compared to a F2P/Preferred account (my kids) looks like and well... Lets just say the pros outweigh the cons for being a subscriber
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