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Community Events

Master_Nate's Avatar

03.05.2013 , 09:18 AM | #1
Over the past few months an individual on POT5 has successfully been putting together some interesting World PvP encounters. While the FPS can get horrendous at times, the events are always a lot of fun.

I encourage other servers to try and get similar things going because they are extremely entertaining and are good community builders in general I think. I'd love to see what other servers are up too and/or any entertaining videos from these servers. If you have some, please link them
The Harbinger

Ziso's Avatar

03.05.2013 , 10:29 AM | #2
A simple event you can do also are pet and motor shows.
We did these often on the server in Star Wars Galaxies but they had more scope there as pets could do tricks and there were alot more of them including mutagen ones from beast master system and also alot of vehicles were multi passenger so you could give rides to those who had never been in one before. But in Tor im sure these events would go down well, especially perhaps with lower levels who can see the different vehicles ingame.

We did so so many server events in Galaxies but we had the tools there to do them (tailor crafting with unique colours and entertainer image design for fancy dress competitions), fishing tourements, racing (could do in tor also but in SWG we had droids u could programe with co-ordinates), Storyteller system were we could use props and npcs to create own events but alot of these took years to implement so with luck we will have more social event stuff in the future
As an example and this is one of my favourate gaming videos from our pet v pet tourement, the stage u see it in was all build by placing prop items like stage, walls etc together.

Hope this link works, my facebook photo album of a pet show (think ill do this soon in Tor)