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Things to add..

SturmUndSterne's Avatar

03.04.2013 , 03:28 PM | #1
I'm sure a bunch of these have been suggested already, but here's my $.02.

1. Green Jedi robes. Please. Please.

2. Zeison Sha armor from KoTOR/KoTOR 2.

3. Echani Battle Suits from same.

4. A suit like Exar Kun's from the Star Wars miniatures game.

5. More armors of varying type with the hood down for the Republic, and hood up for the Empire.

6. Lightsaber hilts like Dooku's or other curved/angled hilts.

7. Moddable training saber.

8. COLORS. Make trooper armor available in blue, white, grey, etc. This doesn't necessarily require armor dyes, but adding three or four orange-versions of several colors of gear would be nice.

9. Battle-damaged armors, like the damaged speeder from the Chevin event.

10. Light armor pants!