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RP Guild- The Reborn Revanchists [Ebon Hawk]

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RP Guild- The Reborn Revanchists [Ebon Hawk]

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03.03.2013 , 11:37 PM | #1
I am starting a new guild that is dedicated to Revan's original followers during the Mandalorian Wars.....The Revanchists. The story is set like this: Under the supervision of the Sith Empire, the Mandalorians have tripled in number since the beginning of the war and have begun wreaking havoc on Outer Rim worlds not directly aligned with the Republic. One Jedi Master sees history repeating itself and knows that only one person knows how to stop both the Sith and Mandalorians....Revan. Thought to be delusional and on the edge of insanity by his peers, the Jedi Master teams up with allies from across the galaxy in order to seek Revan out for his wisdom and his battlefield experience.

After hearing of his rescue by four brave Republic Warriors under the command of Master Oteg, the Jedi Master and his allies contact Revan seeking his counsel. Revan informs them of his plan to use the Foundry to defeat the Empire and inacts a secondary objective to assasinate Mandalore. Revan informs the newly formed Revanchists that they will have to severe all ties with the Republic and the Jedi Order in order to prevent poltical fallout from any and all effects of the campaign.

The Revanchists hierarchy is as follows:
- Supreme Commander (Revan)
- x4 Field Marshals (Jedi Consular, Jedi Knight, Trooper, Smuggler)
- x6 Field Commanders (Any Class)
- x8 Captains (Any Class)
- x12 Lieutenants (Any Class)

Now I want to take a guess at what you are thinking.
1.) Q: Will this place be crawling with Fanboys? A: No, anyone that gets too overly crazy about Revan and saying they are his or her son or anyone related to him will not be accepted, nor will anyone who doesn't understand the details about him or his history.
2.) Q: Does this violate Canon? A: No, as Revan's story changes we will change and adjust to ensure we do not violate said storyline. With that said, I am fully aware there was no record of the Revanchists being reformed I thought that if the Revanites could exist then it could be possible for a Republic sect to exist as well.
3.) Q: Are these people Revan Worshipers? A: No, they merely sought out Revan solely for the purpose of ending the war.
4.) Q: How far is too far? A: Too far is saying that Revan wishes to conquer the galaxy again and Revan become Dark Lord of the Sith. Too far is also saying that you are Revan's Apprentice. Revan shares no love for these individuals only a respect for them wanting to do the "right thing." The idea is that Revan himself only agreed to this because they share a similar goal in theory, if Revan would ever succeed the Revanchists would be disbanded.
5.) Q: How do I sign up? A: Find me: Neltron Luur in-game and shoot me a whisper or contact me via PM. From there you can give your reasons for wanting to join or what caught your interest. If both myself and the possible recruit agree that you would fit in well than welcome aboard! Afterwards I will require a sign-up on the forum (Which I will supply at a later date).

Please ask me questions so I can update this thread to tailor to YOU and please voice any and all concerns I love a good discussion so let's have at it. As any updates become available this thread will be updated....
"Master of the Living Force"

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03.10.2013 , 08:14 PM | #2
We are now Active though stupidly I realized that The Revanchists is not a valid name so it is now the "Guardians of the Amnesiac One"
"Master of the Living Force"