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Merc-Bodyguard - Stats?

AdmiralBlade's Avatar

03.03.2013 , 07:30 AM | #1
So I am currently lvl 45, almost to 50! By this time I am hoping to figure out what stats should I concern myself with, I know aim is on the list of most important as well is endurance, but what about alacrity and power and tech, surge, crits?

What I am seeking is for some heavy input one how to equip myself as a good healer for both pvp and the occasional op/pve. My thought was to have good alacrity and power for extra healing speed and output. Thoughts?

Sinsavz's Avatar

03.03.2013 , 08:32 PM | #2
My healer pvp set is not far off being min maxed, ideally you want something like;

1800-2000 Aim
20k hp
30-35% crit
1000 power? whatever it takes to get around 1k bonus damage anyway.
75% surge
5-10% alacrity (maybe more if you take talents)

No accuracy obviously cus you don't need it. Alacrity is not much of a big deal atm, the increases are very minor, however Alacrity in general is getting re-worked in the 2.0 update patch so it will probably become more useful. But these stats are a baseline for the live game atm.

Cody-licious's Avatar

03.04.2013 , 07:49 AM | #3
Yeah, as Sinsavz says, the game update 2.0 (which is on the PTS at the moment) will introduce a fairly radical overhaul of the interaction between all of your main stats: Aim, Power, Surge, Crit, Endurance & Alacrity. Currently on the Live server though, you could follow that order of importance as a rough rule of thumb, with the obvious caveat about the particular skills/talents you choose.

But given that it's all going to change "very soon" [TM], I would hold-off from making any significant investment into shifting your stats around too much until 2.0 hits our servers.
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