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How do I increase my armour Stats for PvP

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How do I increase my armour Stats for PvP


03.02.2013 , 07:12 AM | #1
I have all War Hero gear the following stats are based off that gear, how do I increase it to what somebody claimed was the perfect stat setup for a sage

END = 1511
WILL = 1498
EXP = 1329
Bonus Damage = 745.7
Crit% = 23.49
Crit Multi = 79.41
HP = 17787

The stats someone said I need to get to
Willpower = 2000
Bonus damage = 900
Crit = 31%
Crit Multi = 79%

I have looked at the Elite War Hero gear and it is not much better than Normal War Hero gear, in some cases the stats are almost identical or less, I do not understand why that is.

How do i get my stats upto the optimum, I saw a Sage today in my WZ who had something like 130 END 130 Willpower on her chest piece I did not notice the rest of the gear but she has over 20k hp and double my dps

at end of that WZ and 1 other I played with her I did 240k damage she did 450k both game, so her stats MUCH higher, how do i achieve this.

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03.02.2013 , 10:48 AM | #2
Haven't gotten arround to twinking my pvp set as i spend most of my time pve'ing, but even my basic battlemaster set (T.T damn bw for making it obsolete) has more willpower then what you seem to have.

I'm gueessing the same rule applies to all gear though: add augments (all those small ammounts add up to quite a decent ammount), and dont just focus on 'force master' in the name of the gear, also check out the force mystics & even the shadow dps/tank sets to see if there are some mods, armorings (do note that the armorings carry the set bonus so swapping those might make you lose it), enhancements in there that are better then what you currently have.

Being biochem and making reusable stims for yourself also helps.
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03.02.2013 , 02:36 PM | #3
Don't worry about gearing too much now. The path that you'll need to take to get to that level is long and costly, and will be outdated when 2.0 launches, leaving you wishing you hadn't done it & "wasted" your time.

Just min/max & stack up you pvp comms in anticipation of 2.0 launch for the time being.
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