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The Clone Wars - S05E20 - The Wrong Jedi / Season 6

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The Clone Wars - S05E20 - The Wrong Jedi / Season 6

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03.08.2013 , 12:49 PM | #191
Quote: Originally Posted by Spartanik View Post
Im talking about the games not the books.
The overal story is very cliché and cartoonish, quite predicatable, and once at the end, meh i didnt find nothing special, that stands realy out or that is unique in the story.
i wouldnt call it good by any means. I had hopes before buying FU1 but when i played it while entertaining the first time i couldnt bother to play it again. I remembering being somewhat disapointed with it.
To call those games good when there have been other star wars games with much higher quality its ridiculous. in my opinion.
I don't agree with you, but I agree on were you stand concerning books vs games. Sure, the books might of been awesome but reading them isn't going to heighten your gaming experience or make the story any better, because all that isn't in the game. The problem is others are looking at it from a lore perspective rather than from a consumer perspective, from a lore perspective yes the book and the game have to been taken into account but from a consumer perspective i.e. some who has bought the game with the intention of playing it, you can only base the merits of the game on the game itself. I mean, do you think game reviewers like Gamespot and Metacritic are going to take the books into account when reviewing the game? No they are not.

Personally however, I'd disagree. Yes there were elements of the game that were cliche, but the story itself was quite an original one and really quite excellent, providing a unique perspective into 'the Empire', fast-paced exciting action and lots of twists and turns. Despite you having a vague idea of what might happen next, even then I would call it entirely predictable, the only things I found predictable were the romance between Juno and Marek, your eventual betrayal and that you would ultimately duel with Vader. That's it, and even then, predictablity by no means means poor story. After all 'The Lawless' was pretty predictable and yet its one of the best episodes in the Clone Wars series.

I certainly wouldn't call it cartoonish, that would suggest that Marek was a stereotypical hero figure - yet he was not, he was far more complex at morally ambiguous. Apply this to Vader and Sidious, and maybe you have a point, but then again these are the characters of the Original Trilogy and were meant to have a cartoonish bad guy element to them.

I also though PROXY was a very original and non-cartoonish/cliche character - a sort of pseudo-C3P0 and I really liked that element. Rahm Kota, cliche? cartoonish? Not at all significantly - war hardened general, mentor figure - sure there's an element of stereotype to him but that can be said of many characters especially concerning Star Wars, and he's still excellent voiced and intricate enough to be interesting. In fact most of the characters in this story are quite complex. Juno Eclipse being one of them, another excellent, well-rounded character.

But criticisms aside, it also had some excellent features e.g. outstanding visual designs, a powerful story, awesome game mechanics, incredible voice acting and a distinctly 'original trilogy' feel. However this game is by no means an RPG, and was aimed at a wide audience, so we have to expect an element of 'commercialism' (I call it appealing to the masses) evident through overpowered abilities and heavy focus on game mechanics. However nonetheless these are pulled off incredibly well and I for one took great enjoyment out of punting Jawas.

And just because their are better games out their does not mean this one is rubbish, fortunately the English language has provided us with a range of helpful adjectives e.g. TFU is great, KOTOR is excellent.

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03.08.2013 , 09:37 PM | #192
the way it looks to me is that they want to really include her in the next triology.