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LvL 55 PVE Gearing Changes in Patch 2.0

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02.28.2013 , 10:49 PM | #1
For anyone wondering what is up with PvE gearing in patch 2.0 and what it looks like here's some info:

There is completely new gear for PvE, check out these video for all the changes:
PvE -

OR if you don't like videos

For PvE gear, there is also new gear. Now we have Arkanian Gear as Tier 1 and Underworld and Verpine Gear as Tier 2.

-You can still buy campaign and dreadguard gear deemed "Classic Gear" now, and they're bought with classic commendations which you get from level 50 Flashpoints, Operations, and daily areas. Note: you can only buy dreadguard relics with classic comms.

-After that is "Basic Gear" which is the Pristine gear set and the Arkanian Relics so note that. Pristine Gear has no set bonuses and contains only leggings, headgear and chest gear. The set and relics are bought with basic commendations which can be earned from content at levels 51-55. The basic gear will prepare you for level 55 group content.
-Pristine gear costs 390 basic commendations, and the Pristine schematics cost 200 basic comms each.

-Next Tier is called "Elite Gear" which is the Arkanian set and this set is bought with elite commendations acquired from content at levels 51-55. This gear will prepare you for operations at LvL 55.
-You can buy boots, chests, handgear, headgear, and leggings with elite commendations and in total it comes out to 580 Elite Commendations. Relics are bought with basic comms and that total comes out to being 300 basic commemdations so there 150 each.
–Everything else can be bought with Arkanian Tokens.

-After that we got "Ultimate Gear" which is Underworld and Verpine gear. They're both item rating 168 but Verpine gear does not have a set bonus and does not contain weapons or relics. This is because you can buy the Verpine gear for just Ultimate commendations which you get from levels 51-55 content. Underworld gear on the other hand has a set bonus and requires you to get the necessary unassembled pieces from operation bosses to be able to get the gear.
-Full set of Verpine Gear Cost: 1,040 Ultimate Commendations
-Full Set of Underworld can be bought with Underworld Tokens.

If you're looking for item models of all the new Gear check out this site:

Hope this helps!
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