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[The Progenitor] RP guild Empire/Republic Player

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[The Progenitor] RP guild Empire/Republic Player

xBlueJayX's Avatar

02.28.2013 , 08:16 PM | #1
Hello peeps. Just wanted to ask if anyone would have me for an rp guild member. I do enjoy a good role play and i will be very dedicated to the guild, just state your guild, what's going on with it at the moment, and a little info on it. I would appreciate at least one of each affliction so i can get my empire characters and my republic characters all in guilds. Thx!
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Nicoae's Avatar

03.02.2013 , 04:01 AM | #2
What sort of guild are you looking for specifically?

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overname's Avatar

03.02.2013 , 04:33 AM | #3
Well the Grand Jedi Order is always looking for new members, We take our rp very seriosly, we do lots of fun rp events and we are huge on our sw lore, when we rp we do it in the highest detail for example we state actual spesific lightsaber movements in combat etc etc, When it comes to our events we actully are doing an ongoing rp event agenst a sith guild thats the "sister" guild to our jedi one



any of those people can help you if your intrested

xBlueJayX's Avatar

03.05.2013 , 06:34 PM | #4
ok sounds good.
I am looking mainly for a mid-high rping guild. One that is fun and host many events. Preferably on weekends because i still have school on weekdays.
"Having a mind isn't the same thing as using one"

dacentabaal's Avatar

03.07.2013 , 05:39 AM | #5
Nova Ascendant is recruiting active/imaginative players. We are a long time guild with a dedicated bunch of players. We are a community driven RP guild that enjoys all aspects of the game (Including Ops) and we inplament PvP into our events/RP (we're not one of these guilds that when you issue a rp fight you type it out, we are civilzed and make the RP more fun to have and not to just stand there, we agree over Gchat or whisper who will win and dual the fight accordingly, unless of course you're an acolyte going up against a Darth.. then the odds wont be in your favour lol) We help one another and enjoy the game, and have multiple crafting professions to help out guildies and we still do PvE dailies regular so theres always someone to do them with

Our website is Please read the guild story and rules

If you're interested after give either me Ty'bale a whisper in game or one of the other officers

Hrýst (GM)