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A little adjustment to the loot window

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A little adjustment to the loot window

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02.28.2013 , 06:21 AM | #1
Hello fellow SWTOR players, I have a suggestion that would implement a little adjustment to the looting window that appears (as we all know) after a quality item drops. I've been meaning to post this for a long time, but a fellow players post gave the last push to do so right now, since I saw other players thinking just like me.

Anyway, my suggestion is that, the looting window's need button should be grayed out for the people who's main attribute is different than the drop's main attribute.
For example: A BH should not have the option to need a chest piece with cunning as its main attribute. But of course, that BH should be able to greed or pass... ( Don't get me wrong this should be applied to every class not for BHs obviously )

Since the game went F2P the ninja issue became bigger in my opinion because when the F2Ps need (knowingly or by mistake) on the item and win, it's FINAL... ( because they can't trade...)

Also I know that some people say that we don't play this game for loot, we play for the entertainment we get and I totally get that. I, as well, play for entertainment, but the loot is just the extra frosting on the cake . And con't forget that a good frosting could make a good cake, a great cake :P

And lastly i would like to quote the fellow player that gave me the inspiration to post this as a thank you

Quote: Originally Posted by TotalKitty View Post
Ninja looting has become a rather big issues full of excuses. Mainly "for my companion", which is complete out of the question.

So here,s a suggestion: The loot that drop, make it non-needable for characters whom the stats wouldn't benefit. As an example, a piece of gear with Cunning on it drops, people who wont benefit from Cunning will only be able to greed on it.
That way, it'll solve the ninja looting issue.
Thank you
Thalgus Khalgus

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