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Jedi Shadow Holiday stun

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Jedi Shadow Holiday stun

Teigon's Avatar

02.27.2013 , 09:24 AM | #1
ok maybe its just me but what in the hell happend to holiday? I still have the stun but when theron uses it theres no holiday and that stinks. that was an awesome stun, well at least i thought it was, was she removed or is it just messing up. if someone can help that would be great just post a link to the thread if i missed it thanks
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Knockerz's Avatar

02.27.2013 , 11:47 AM | #2
I ask this question in game and I was told holiday is bug and she appears far away from you. I too remember holidays cc animation from when I leved my sage caster.
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02.28.2013 , 02:59 AM | #3
I remember disabling that particular skill a year ago. It causes more trouble than it's worth.