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Shadow Tank Threat Generation

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Shadow Tank Threat Generation

CitizenWatch's Avatar

02.24.2013 , 03:54 PM | #1
I am new to MMO's and my first character is a consular shadow. I really like the tank role in groups and am looking to improve my effectiveness. I was seeking someone's insight as to the best abilities to use as a shadow to generate the highest level of threat in addition to taunts and being in combat stance. I am currently a level 34. Thanks in advance for your help.

slafko's Avatar

02.25.2013 , 04:07 AM | #2
If only I could remember what skills are available at that level... TBH, start worrying about threat generation once you hit 50 and have all skills available.

sllo's Avatar

02.25.2013 , 01:09 PM | #3
At that level your attack priority should be something like...

Spinning Strike > Force breach > Project > Double Strike or, with aoe pulls, force breach > spinning strike > project.

You've got two taunts and force pull is practically a third. Use force potency on cooldown and ensure that Kinetic Ward is up at all times without question. Threat shouldn't really be a large issue for you unless you're getting behind on gear. I find it quite important to keep your lightsaber hilt upgraded. If it's as much as four levels old you'll notice a stark dropoff in your damage and the same goes for the rest of your armor, really. If you can't afford the pieces to upgrade every item's mod/armoring/enhancement, start replacing with greens until you have enough commendations to buy pieces.