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Remove 10-30 bracket. Add 20-54 bracket.

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Remove 10-30 bracket. Add 20-54 bracket.

LibertySol's Avatar

02.23.2013 , 12:07 PM | #1
Honestly all I see happened with a 10-30 bracket is an increase in Q times. I personally love to PvP instead of doing the same quests for the 100th time and I really don't want to see Q times increase. So instead of having a 10-30 bracket why not make 20 the req level for PvP (it should be anyways 10 isn't enough to get a handle on the class).

Also I know BioWare is probably against this because they seem to love this incredibly outdated MMO concept but why not make it so more vital abilities are learned earlier on. As it is now some classes like Assassins can do very well early on while others don't get their required abilities until like 30 or 40.

versulas's Avatar

02.23.2013 , 01:04 PM | #2
Maybe we shouldn't allow new players to enter flashpoints until level 20, I hear you can't really get a handle on your class at 10 anyway...

They're trying to appeal to new players. The point is not that the new bracket will help queue times (although it might - in the lower bracket), but that it will stop fresh recruits from getting rolled by 40+ vets over and over.

The game is f2p. People will download it on an impulse, but once they're in BW has got to hook them fast. That means being able to try out more content and different styles of gameplay to appeal to a wider denomination as fast as possible. Why do you think they gave us sprint at level one?

We're dealing w/ the instant gratification generation here (as shown when you suggested we get all our key skills upfront). Even WoW lowered the bg entrance requirements to please the masses and try to hook new players. Also, do you really want to stick lvl 20's with fully decked out lvl 50's? Sure, a lot of them will be lvling up, but for months there will be an influx of "twink"-geared characters mowing down newbies.

Xargyn's Avatar

02.23.2013 , 01:11 PM | #3
I've killed a level 42 with a level 10 before. (There's no screen shot, but it happened.) I'm pretty sure I had a better handle on my class than the 42 did.

I think the new brackets have less to do with class abilities and more to do with what sort of expertise can be acquired during them. A level 49 can have quite a bit of expertise if they've spent the time and commendations to get it. A level 10 can only get what's available from Cartel Coins.
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