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Stunning Madness or Exploit or ...?

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Stunning Madness or Exploit or ...?

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02.22.2013 , 01:49 PM | #1
Hi Everyone,

I don't know if this is an exploit, hack, bad/good players or terrible PvP design -- or some combination thereof.

While I'm familiar with the obnoxious amount of CC that can occur in PvP, I've never had the following experience:

I took one of my <50 alts into a WZ and was unable to use my cc-breaker, not only that it never highlighted. I suspect others had similar problems as most the opposition had 20+ kills and our highest kill was 2.

It was on the Alderraan Map and then the same problem happened again the next game on another map but to a lesser extent.


I know there are bad/good players: so please save your breath about such unless it is relevant. I've been playing LV 50 PvP in WH gear for about a month, so am aware of how a general game usually plays out. I've been cc'd to death before but it wasn't the same and my cc-breaker at least highlighted, even if it didn't work.
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