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Regarding Changes in WZ matchmaking

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Regarding Changes in WZ matchmaking

DarthRaika's Avatar

02.22.2013 , 07:06 PM | #31
Unless they do a really good job with bolstering (not holding my breath) 30-54 is going to be one of the dumbest things in pvp I have seen in over 10 years. My chars are almost all 50 now and so it shouldn't hurt me directly but I almost want to quit just because of how dumb this will be lol.

Caeliux's Avatar

02.22.2013 , 07:09 PM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by mulzii View Post
Personally, there nothing really wrong with lowbie pvp now. I dont see why they couldnt break it out to:
I do agree with you on this, its same thing I asked for in beta exit the 55.

FearlessTeapot's Avatar

02.22.2013 , 08:22 PM | #33
From what I read, no, you will NOT be downgraded to Recruit. There wasa thread talking about the difference between high end PVE and PVP gear, and the Dev stated that BW wants the hierarchy to go Recruit level -> PVE -> PVP. Recruit gear is gone, and everyone UNDER that level of gear will be bolstered to it.

Which means the WH/EWH will stomp all those who were unable to get there. I also read that WH/EWH will be phased out, which presents a unique dillema.
If one does not buy the expansion, they will stay perpetually at 50. Which means they will be able to stomp this bracket in their maxed EWH/WH forever, never graduating to the 55 tier of new gear. They will be grandfathered in, so to speak.