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LF Daytime Raid team/ guild

Elyssandra's Avatar

02.21.2013 , 11:58 AM | #1
I am looking to raid pubside a couple of times during the week, during daytimes. If any such raid team &/ guild has a spot vacant please contact me for a chat.
I prefer to play a vanguard DPS.

Elrikee_Raath's Avatar

02.23.2013 , 10:09 AM | #2
Consider Alpha Strike Force for a guild - we have been active since the game launched while our team all together has been around since 1998. We run ops (almost) in a daily basis - including mornings. We have very little requirements other some common sense stuff that are part of our Code of Conduct.

Check out the guild spotlight for more information or visit

My ingame name is Elrike so pst me when online.

Hope to hear from you soon.