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New talent trees... VG changes....

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New talent trees... VG changes....

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02.21.2013 , 11:49 AM | #1

Obviously all subject to change on PTS so nothing definitive. But some interesting notes for me at least....

HiB armor pen dropped to only 75%

Steely Resolve now in tier 1 of shield spec making non-hybrids a little more flexibility.

Electro Shield and Hyper Assault Cell are interesting new players. Both will be nice number padding abilities in pvp if you care about such things.

Between new Adrenaline Fueled, Assault frame, and Power Armor being in tier 1 of tactics makes assault a little bit less squishy probably. All though not having reflexive shield anymore sucks for pvp.

Like what they did with gut all though don't know if damage is same or not. But 1 point for 15% increase is better, 50% snare now, and 3% bonus damage to bleeding targets is nice. No idea if Charged Loaders is nice since don't know anything about the damage from the shoulder cannon.

Shield spec has some interesting new toys on top of tree. Them changing energy blast annoyed me at first but once you get the rotation and timing down of the new mechanic the 25% absorb buff will be sweet. More self healing also with shoulder cannon and adrenaline rush as well.
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02.22.2013 , 11:10 AM | #2
Yeah I was checking it out and it seems like VG tank is going to be a lot more interesting to play, I'm currently D/Ling the PTS to test it since it looks so damn awesome.
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