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Social psychology needs to be considered when designing World PvP.

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Social psychology needs to be considered when designing World PvP.

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02.20.2013 , 04:13 PM | #1
For the first 2 days of the Gree event, the middle PvP zone in Ilum was filled with groups beating on each for fun, most likely due to the excitement of doing intense world pvp for the first time in months.

After the first 2 days, players on my server started to realize that beating on each other all day in Ilum accomplishes nothing in game. With only 2 weeks of event time limit to farm Gree reputation for gear and titles that they want, players start to strategize to complete dailies as soon as possible on each level 50 character to maximize their legacy reputation gain. World PvP in Ilum became the least of their concern, or maybe even a hindrance to their goal of maximizing Gree reputation and obtaining Gree gear in a time limited event.

In order to help each other complete Gree event dailies in Ilum for each of their 50 character in the least amount of time, players on the server aggressively seek out other players to group with to complete dailies faster. Grouping for Gree dailies was easy and fast and was done without the assistance of the group finder tool.

In addition, all players on the server agree to a cease-fire pact to complete dailies in the PvP zone in the shortest amount of time. No group attacks another unless attacked first. And even then, only the group member who initiated the attack is killed, not the whole group. The initial attacker is only killed once for each aggression, not camped. Players with an orb line up in front of the pylon to hand it in one by one. Groups that need to kill the droid boss line up for their turn also. Some dedicated PvPers on the server from both the Imp and the Rep sides even make their own groups and volunteer to act as enforcers in the middle Pylon area. Anyone who attempted to skip the orb line is attacked as a warning, and anyone who does not heed the warning is killed by the enforcers. Any group that tried to skip the droid boss line and tag the boss first is also be killed by the enforcers and be put in the back of the line. Any group who try to disrupt the order in the pylon area for PvP fun is also put down by the enforcers.

The gree event in Ilum did not promote World PvP on my server. Instead, it promoted a server-wide cooperation between players to complete dailies that was never before seen on the server.

What I learned from this is two things:

1. Humans are truly superior beings. When there are common goals that everyone wants to pursue and there are no limited resources, even longtime rivals are able to set aside their rivalry and work together toward common goals, despite what the system is designed for them to do. Our social intelligence and the capability to work together are unmatched.

2. Unlimited PvE resources for PvE quests in a PvP zone does not promote PvP. Throughout history of humanity, humans fight each other and trespass into other territory only when there are not enough natural resources to support the groupís population. I think BW needs to research into human social psychology to find out what draws humans into conflict, and design that into SWTOR world PvP. Then, I think, we will have some serious World PvP competition.

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02.21.2013 , 06:05 AM | #2
The only limited resource is orb expiration timer. Set that to 4-5 minutes instead of 10 and all those civil queues and enforced cooperations would go apesh*t in a second because you can't afford to wait in the line if your orb is about to explode right?

Don't worry though, where's action there is reaction, I saw that there were peole who opposed to this and formed special groups designed entirely to gank ppl in pvp area and disrupt any fragile order some people try to create for fun or just because. Judging from the insults on general chat, they're still there doing their job awesomely

I saw a post on the forum that on certain server people made long organized queues both factions included with orbs when suddenly le wild 2 pre mades carrying orbs happened, killed "enforcers" and in a moment literally everyone forgot about waiting for his turn and tried to make his way to the pylon asap, chaos begin and all was lost due to only 2 brave groups.

History of humanity is also about commiting the same mistakes and getting back to instincts and egoistic actions as soon as any enforced order crumbles which in this case is HILARIOUS I love it.

Btw. I don't know which sever you are on but on my pvp server there is a lot of random things, 4 ppl pre mades pushing they way all the time, gankers, lone wolfs trying to carry orb on their own using every opportunity when 2-3 other teams combat themselves for the pylon, lots of funny stuff. I myself tried to disrupt the pylon operations with operative and a sleep dart from stealth in certain moment can turn things upside down