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DPS gear fresh 50

Darkscis's Avatar

02.19.2013 , 11:28 PM | #1
To cut down on the wall of text I'm going to do a TL;DR post.

Mistakingly spent Tionese comm's on survivor gear assuming I could tank and gear up. Apparently no-one want's Tionese geared tanks in group finder, so now I need to make a DPS set to progress.

a) Is the 4-pc bonus absolutely vital for HM FP dps? (Not OP's - I assume it is vital there) I plan to use the comm's to buy tank gear so I can eventually tank so I won't be getting the set bonus any time soon.
b) If not, this is what I have managed to piece together quickly with stuff from my bank - is it enough to DPS in HM's or should I get some other stuff first? Profile (I will replace the blue enhancements with purples before queuing)
c) I plan on buying an advanced resolve hilt 27 asap and throwing it in the saber - I am assuming this is a good move and will be the biggest dps increase I can do at this stage?

Thanks in advance