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How would you rewrite SI's story?

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How would you rewrite SI's story?

Slowpokeking's Avatar

02.19.2013 , 06:21 PM | #1
Keep the characters and make as less change as possible?

My idea

Chapter 1 overall is ok to me, yes Zash let you find artifacts but you do deal with Jedi or cunning Sith most of the time. Only Tatooine is a bit weak.

The end of chapter 1 is not that bad, it's just too predictable. Maybe a bit more surprise can be added, such as Kalig betrayed you by want to take over your body and you have to work with Zash to deal with him after you beat Zash.

Chapter 2 could do better on the reason Thanaton turns on you. Less "tradition" nonsense, just powerplay. Then you should start to build your powerhouse rather than catch ghosts. Zash's two apprentices and the cult could make some use.
The Taris arc is quite good, except Ashara should be corrupted and become an asset.
You should be able to save one apprentice in Quesh and recruit that assassin Thanaton sent.
Hoth could be make ally with the moffs and make the super weapon Silencer.
In the end of chapter 2 Thanaton should be killed there.

Chapter 3's "healing body and soul" is rubbish.
I think Belsavis could be about you go there to learn from the Dread Masters and Voss is for you to increase power in the Dark Heart to prepare for the war. At the same time start the power struggle with your superior in the council.
Corellia is the place to show your power and skills against the Jedi and Republic, through this victory and probably murder your superior in the council to make yourself ascend to the council. The final boss could be some Jedi High Council member in Corellia then a Dark Council member.

Or let Thanaton get away in the end of chapter 2 by some reason such as the war restarted so both of your superior on the council ordered you both to assist with the war, through the process Thanaton ascended to the council and have a final showdown with him in the end.

SithKoriandr's Avatar

02.19.2013 , 06:31 PM | #2
I'd make it so Zash can be a companion instead of Khem at some point.

I'd make it so one of the companions you got was one of the apprentices that end up killed. Possibly replacing Ashara as she was just to whiney imo. Or maybe it's because my Inquisitor is female and she hates female SIs.

I'd make Thanaton's hate for you way more clearer than it was.

Other than that, I actually quite enjoyed the SI storyline.
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JLazarillo's Avatar

02.19.2013 , 10:40 PM | #3
I have some pretty elaborate ideas that I think would've been pretty neat, but really, rather than do my whole new muscles on the same skeleton thing here, I'll just note the two or three most important things:

First, fewer ghosts. It felt a little too repetitive to end up with so many in so few planets. Remove Zavros or Horak, and have the plot of their respective planet focus a little more on building some other form of power.

Second, along similar lines, no separate trips for healing body, then mind. Get it all over and done with and move on to better things.

Finally, get Xalek earlier. There's no reason the whole "go pre-order your apprentice on Korriban" thing can't start before you ever even go to Taris, allowing the scenes to move quicker and Xalek to join by or before Belsavis.

Diablo_Cow's Avatar

02.19.2013 , 11:29 PM | #4
I would make a few minor changes. Overall I felt the story was set up well except for Thanaton. I would have him being replaced by Ffon as the main antagonist. Thanaton was introduced late in the story. Replacing him with Ffon creates a real rival and villain. I suppose Ffon could be apprenticed to Thanaton or Skotia and he kills them to move up in the power chain. Then he decides to turn his power base against you. Then boom chapters 2 and 3 are the same except with Ffon replacing Thanaton.

legolegion's Avatar

02.20.2013 , 02:11 AM | #5
during the kaggath my cult should be involded
also I would killed xalik for killing the tewilk, tradition is the reason why.
would liked a reason why thanton wanted my scalp, or reason behind the traditon that he had to.

Chaloss's Avatar

02.20.2013 , 05:59 AM | #6
I would make some changes:

1. Rewrite Ashara joining...I can see reasons she might have joined, but implementation was too sloppy in my opinion. I still would not give possibility to turn her however, she is far more useful as Jedi than Sith, but perhaps chat with Zash after Taris to make it clearer for players.

2. Khem Val problem --

3. I would rewrote how you get fleet and remove Silencer. I dislike so powerful super weapons. Perhaps instead prototype of Super Star Destroyer of a sort -- still far more powerful than ordinary, but not one shot killing machine.

4. Use your companions more in Kaggath! For example have Ashara manipulate Green Jedi to attack Darth Thanaton bases. Andronikos could also use his contacts to feed alliance information for same reason. Xalek could assassinate some high ranking officers who support Darth Thanaton.

5. Show more of future possibilities rather than have this closed story -- for example Xalek road to Darthdom. Give Talos mission to figure out way to put contents of the rakata box into use. Talk with Moff Pyron about possibilities of making him Grand Moff and so on.

DAWUSS's Avatar

02.20.2013 , 10:23 PM | #7
Really what it needs now is a follow-up/sequel/continuation... Now that you're on the Dark Council, things should be getting interesting. Instead, things essentially fizzle out as that's the end of the character arc...

Selenial's Avatar

02.20.2013 , 10:28 PM | #8
Remove healing body and soul,
Dark council at end of act 2,
Dark council exploits for the rest of it, would be awesome
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DaveMcKnight's Avatar

02.21.2013 , 03:51 AM | #9
This isn't so much story as change some of the dialogue. I was playing a Sorc a while back and was on Nar Shadaa. For the most part, Dark Side choices are villainous and such. Then I hit the Dark Side choice on one element, and my Sorc immediately demands donations so he can have robes of pure gold. What the F is this about? Maybe if I had chosen the dialogue options where he's Zash's effing pet and she treats him like a little lapdog, it'd make sense. What's this supposed to show? The character's sad mental state?

Not long after, i got burned out on the Sorc and ended up deleting him.

Beniboybling's Avatar

02.21.2013 , 05:33 AM | #10
Quote: Originally Posted by Selenial View Post
Remove healing body and soul,
Dark council at end of act 2,
Dark council exploits for the rest of it, would be awesome
Problem with that is you'd need some sort of 'grand finale' where you achieve a great title etc. and becoming a Dark Council member fits that quite well. Also becoming a Dark Council member that quickly is a little crazy...

I like some of the OPs ideas. I think the first chapter is good, I wouldn't change anything. Sure I was expecting Zash to betray me but it became a sort of when and how thing for me which was quite suspenseful. Also I was completely taken aback by her appearance.

And yes, I'm remove the whole 'force walking' thing - its cool but kind of cheapens the Inquisitors power. I think this is how it should go from Chapter 2:

  • Chapter 2 concerns you as a Lord, building up your own powerbase with little mention of Thanaton. Instead it introduces a competing Lord - Harken, who has somehow managed to get into the Sith hierarchy and is bent on revenge, you outmanoeuvre him however subterfuge and trickery. You gain military allies on Taris and are rewarded with the Silencer amongst other things and on Hoth you ally yourself with Imperial Reclamation's Service, who reward you with powerful Sith artifacts. You somehow combine the spheres of ancient knowledge with military might in a 'new vision' of how the Empire should be. On Quesh similar events happen, with Thanaton attempting to thwart your efforts.

  • End of Chapter 2 should involve a battle between you and Harken, who is defeated. I'm thinking a space battle might be cool, with your Taris allies providing a fleet. Then they'll be a big reveal where Thanaton openly confronts you and you are easily defeated because you are not yet powerful enough - you however manage to escape alive. (No battle here, something similar to the original beginning of Chapter 2.)

  • In Chapter 3 Thanaton will be hunting you, he sees you as a threat to his position etc. While you accumulate power in the Force with help from the Reclamations Service who help you uncover powerful Sith rituals etc. the Rakata presence on Belsavis and the Dark Heart could come into play here.

  • After Belsavis and Hoth, Thanaton tires of chasing you and openly declares war on your accumulated power base AKA the Kaggath. In the Kaggath you should have all your allies come to your aid e.g. the cult on Nar Sharddaa, the allies you made on Taris and Hoth, rather than just the Moffs. I think that would be pretty cool and lots of 'hey, your back!' moments, really bumps up the story. The Coreilla arc is much as it was except your masterminding a war against Thanaton with all your allies present. The Reclamations Service supplies you with powerful ancient tech or Sith artifacts you can use as weapons. The military allies you made on Taris supply you with troops, ships etc.

  • Ends with a big fight in the before the Dark Council, Thanaton dies and you ascend.

Basically cut out the ghost gobbling nonsense and replace it with what we were promised in the trailer - aggregating power and dealing out deception and subterfuge.