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What annoy's you the most In PvP?

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What annoy's you the most In PvP?

jimalexblack's Avatar

02.20.2013 , 02:56 AM | #41
1. Sound of crushing darkness
2.sound of shiv/backstabbing
3. Being pulled into fire
4. While healing on my operative, it's very annoying people decide to focus me. SHOULDN'T BE ALLOWED!!

To be honest I generally have a good experience, there are some twerps and idiots but that's just life. And of course in some matches I get pissed off, but in others I'm pissing myself laughing and having an awesome time.

iphobia's Avatar

02.20.2013 , 04:35 AM | #42
I do announcements in every single game I am
-> People who can't read annoy me sooooo much.

Civil war, before the game starts.
Me: "I go West, rest of the team take middle"
~ 3 people agree with a "+".
Game starts.
Result: 3 people at west, 2 east, 3 middle.

Get's me gosh darn pregnant, and I'm not female.
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02.20.2013 , 04:43 AM | #43
Once while playing my assa, I wanted to stealth-tap the enemies base.
Somehow they exactly knew where I was, before I even came close to the base.
Suddenly the realation came upon me: A merc-healer had followed me and healed me with his green shots the whole time. *facepalm*
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POPsi's Avatar

02.20.2013 , 04:50 AM | #44
all has been said, so one that is something people usually not complain about.

Hypergates, I say before start that I'll be on guard duty for the pylon, start moving there, and one sorc just speeds there anyway to cap it before me for the sweet points, and then ofc leaves. I hate it.

BrightMind's Avatar

02.20.2013 , 07:08 AM | #45
Hello all,

I was planning on making a similar thread myself and here are my 2 cents on the subject:

While i do agree with the most of the previous posts, i still have to say that the most annoying factor of all, has to be the human factor. Don't get me wrong, some bugs and major flaws are there (resolve bar, bubble stun...) but then again, there is just not a single game on the market without any, so i can live with that. Patches are going to be released and, eventually, a lot of things will get fixed but no one can fix people. I will now name a few recurring elements that seem to have become a regular thing in WZs:

1. Players who don't care at all about the outcome
2. Stupid people
3. Solo players

Let me elaborate on 1.; the first category is definitely the most common one (at least in my 3 months of SWTOR experience). So let's take civil war as an example: a round starts and our opponent caps snow and the middle. Alright, it happens. Perhaps it was the better timing or they had a better strategy in the beginning. Now, a normal person who has a competitive side in himself, will be further motivated to do everything possible to cap the second node anyway he can and bring his "A" game in order to secure an even more satisfying victory. At least that's how i see stuff. So, i will keep attacking, distracting them, dragging defenders away from the node (or at least trying to), stun, mezz, blind, in short - everything that makes sense and makes it possible for the rest of my team to use this time to push and try to cap. However, in most cases, whenever i start doing that, i see few guys from my team following, trying to do the right thing but not succeeding in our first attempt. So, naturally, i will rinse and repeat my thing, adapting to the situation on the node and keep trying. But the problem presents itself when i check out the minimap and realize that in my second attempt, we have one teammate less trying to help us. In our next attempt, there are 2 guys missing, 3 get the picture. Where are they, then? Well, they are at our only node, doing the club dance or randomly jumping in the air and waiting for their "hard earned" defender medals. And i try motivating them in chat saying that we can do this, that we already damaged them at the middle and we need their help, only to get a reply like "they have 3 smashers" or "they are way stronger than us" or "i don't care, i just want medals". That has to be the most annoying thing that can happen to you in a WZ. PvP should be about competition and winning. Can you imagine a soccer team where 5 of the players, after the opposite team scores their first goal, goes back to the goalie, sit on the ground and start tweeting or texting and when asked what the hell are they doing, reply to you using one of the previously mentioned statements? I know that many of you will say that this is just a game and i agree. However, soccer is also a game but that's not the point. It's the mentality of people that i am talking about here.

As for 2, not much to say there; stupid people will just be stupid. Example: Voidstar. 3 of them defending the door, one guys shows up 30m away, they start chasing him, enjoying the fact they have him overpowered, feeling extremely confident in their abilities, only to be awaken by that female voice saying that the bomb has been planted.

Finally, the third category, while annoying, is still the one that i would pick over the former 2. I hate solo players that don't play as a part of the team, but at least they can be useful from time to time. Especially if they are well geared or a stealth class.

I apologize for a very long thread but i just had to express my frustration somehow

Cheers all

Banderal's Avatar

02.20.2013 , 07:35 AM | #46
I try not to let what other people chose to do annoy me. I don't care if other people mouth off in chat. I don't care if I have to rush to guard a node because everyone else left it empty. Don't care if people quit. Don't care if people camp a node for defender points. Don't care if the level 49 tweek in a sub-50-WZ camps our spawn and kills my lvl 15 every time I come out (ok, I care about that one a little bit.) I'll just focus on the people who do chose to keep playing in some fashion with good sportsmanship - even if it's only two of us still trying to take an off-node in a CW against the proverbial premade, just to see if we can when there is no real chance we can win and everyone else is camping "our" node - at least that's fun (and if we do manage to take it, I count that as a "win" ).

But the thing that I can't seem to stop being annoyed about is people who run along behind me in HB when I have the ball. FOR @*@#&!#@$@#$ SAKE, RUN AHEAD FOR A PASS YOU !@#!@#$!@# IDIOTS! (To be fair, I totally understand the predicament of trying to run ahead for the pass, and the enemy is good enough to be attacking and cc'ing you to prevent it.)


02.20.2013 , 07:36 AM | #47
...the constant disconnects from warzones. This game has horrible stability
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02.20.2013 , 07:46 AM | #48
Quote: Originally Posted by sGroggy View Post
Calling inc, then being told you didn't.

During a Civil War in the 1-49 bracket:
Me: w 1
Me: w lost
X: why didn't you call?
Me: I did
X: you said "w 1"
Me: exactly
X: how could we see that?
Me: you did see it apparently
X: I scrolled up retard
Me: which means you didn't see it on time, which is your fault, not mine, "retard"
X: Type in caps so we can see it

Sometimes I will notice an off-node is getting attacked even though I'm not the one guarding it. I'll put something in ops chat and the person guarding it will die a few seconds later, and then the node will get taken. Guess who the next six ops chat messages are directed at, and what they say.
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02.20.2013 , 08:25 AM | #49
My biggest peeve is when people attack a mezzed target. Especially the obvious ones.

Yesterday in a vs we were attacking and our team planted east while I planted west. I stealthed and saw one guy run to defuse the bomb. I sleep him and giggle inside like I always do when that happens. 5 seconds later some lol smasher jumps to him when the doors explode. So annoying.

Another thing that annoys me is when I'm healing you and you have the ball and you have over 50% hp DON'T THROW THE BALL TO ME! I'm keeping you up....keep running! (Unless of course I've run ahead for the pass)
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Ifolad's Avatar

02.20.2013 , 08:34 AM | #50
1: the person who yells WEST or GRASS in all caps...... ON PURPOSE repeatedly

2: getting tossed on my face from behind by a sin's knockdown.... hey at least this doesn't happen to me in a back alley on Nar Shadaa

3: Getting pulled into firepit 5 times by the same powertech flamethrower guy b/c when he tries to dps me i take no dmg from him and i'm not on my vanguard to return the favor

4: the sound of getting shiv'd in the back, then stun'd and shiv'd again, then stunned and shiv'd again, repeat to infinity until all your health pool is gone.

5: not being able to laugh back at PT's when my scoundrel gets a charge of upper hand anymore

6: seeing 5 of my teammates fighting at snow over a node, then as soon as i roll up all of the enemy present target me regardless of their current hp and their current targets hp, and I know this b/c I tab through them and i'm getting planted/stunned on my face, <<< hybrid sage healer so i get that one

7: operatives in recruit gear who try to ranged you down from 30m.......

8: snipers who put their back to the terminal, OR on the same token, players with body type 4 males who camp on the terminals in Novare with their large sweaty dirty selves (mostly PT's are the dirty ones)

9: Seeing DarkYoda on the other team, (epic battles with that guy since pre50) though the fact i did kite him to death once on huttball and once on novare (out of 100's of times getting faceplanted by him) makes me all warm inside.

10: pugging sub 50 only to find physics or ID doing 8man superque's sub 50