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new to healing, lf tips

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02.18.2013 , 03:58 PM | #1
A repost from the operative forums

So, I have been playing my operative since launch as dps, as I have NEVER been good at heaing in any game I have played. This week, I was forsed to heal due to a lack of healers looking for a group for the ilum heroic, and the fact that my other group members were all maruders. Turns out I did fairly well, considering I was full speced dps. So, I am looking to give it a shot. Now, I have 2 qustions

1 Having never played a healer, how do I go about it? what are some general tips you guys can give me?

2 Currently I am in full BH DPS gear. How much of a bearing is this going to have on my healing abilty vs healing gear? should I downgrade to columi healing gear till I can grind the BH coms to get a healing set?

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02.18.2013 , 04:24 PM | #2
First, what's you bonus healing in the BH gear? You shouldn't be that low and you won't need any accuracy, but the Columi gear won't be brilliant. Nab the two-set PvE bonus if you can.

As for actually healing? Are you asking for the skill priority and how to keep your energy up or the actual art of keeping those red bars near full?

Because your tank takes priority, but not if they're near full and a DPS is near dead unless you know the DPS is fine and the tank is about to be not-fine if the boss is doing something different. Highest DPS and/or squishiest DPS take priority over not high-DPS, but seeing as we don't have a damage counter in this game, the priority DPS would be the most competent and/or the one with the utility for the fight.

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02.19.2013 , 10:13 AM | #3
The mainstay of Op healing is hots - Specifically kolto probe. You basically keep those rolling on those taking damage. They have a chance to give Tactical Advantage (max every 6secs). You want to have at least 1 TA up at all times preferably 3. Having TA up gives a 9% boost to heals. You also consume TAs for surgical probe unless target is below 30%. SP is your std oh crap heal good for when you need to keep someone on life support.

Kolto infusion is basically worthless. I never use it. Kolto injection is your big heal and is useful for when health is low enough where KP hots won't top off the target. I start considering using KI when health gets to around 80%. Recuperative Nanotech is our AOE hot heal. I use this to heal raid wide damage and topping off the group while going from mob to mob. Diagnostic Scan is our free filler heal and gives you back energy when it crits so using this in between normal heals will keep you healing and energy positive.

A good place to start looking for advice is the OP healing compendium at

Gearwise, what you will miss out on is alacrity and the set bonus compared to your dps gear. IMO, alacrity isn't all that important for OPs. It's nice to have, but not required. You really only use it for Kolto injection and Diagnostic scan. The PVE set bonuses suck IMO. I'd rather have the PvP bonus. I'd probably just stick with your DPS gear and get the heals earpieces and implants for some alacrity.

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02.19.2013 , 10:21 AM | #4
Some general tips for operative healers:

- put 2 kolto probes on yourself, your tank and your melee DPS, in that order. When you see your Probe almost running out, refresh on yourself, the tank an the melee DPS. If you have 2 probes still, you only need to refresh once. This will give a sustained TA generation. You can add more recipiants as you see fit.

- When you know some major burst is coming the tank's way, pop recuperative nanotech alongside the probe and start casting Kolto Injection + Surgical Probe when the burst is happening.

- Throw in some Diagnostic Scans as filler to recover energy.

- The best gear set-up for the healer IMO is the 2-piece PvE and 2-piece PvP set for the healers, reducing the cost of and increasing the healing done for recuperative nanotech. However, the increased crit chance for kolto infusion (4-piece PvE) is also nice to have in burst phases where KI + SP isn't enough.

Since you are in BH DPS gear, you'll have more than enough of the basic stats (Cunning, Power, Crit and Surge) to be a succesfull healer as well. Is it worth it to turn back to columi healer? I don't think so. If you can, try and earn the BH Medic gear.
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02.19.2013 , 10:25 AM | #5
I would advise against having 3 TA's. While it gives you a nice buffer it also means that you are wasting any further procs. I tend to keep mine at 1 but 2 is fine especially in spikey fights.

Sadly if you have not picked up BM gear it is now impossible to have the 2 piece PvP bonus, unless you are willing to sacrifice cca 80 Cunning (which is sill viable but haven't done the math on it or anything).
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02.19.2013 , 10:31 AM | #6
main thing is energy control, rest is pretty basic. Dont forget to use that close to useless channeled heal as a filler when you have less than full energy. Itīs not so much a heal as itīs an energy regen.