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Toopowerfulgaming - MMO/Let’s Play/Walkthrough Channel

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Toopowerfulgaming - MMO/Let’s Play/Walkthrough Channel

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02.18.2013 , 12:01 PM | #1
Hey there everybody, I would like to introduce myself under my real name “Joe Ngo” and I go by “toopowerful” or “toopowerful9000” or “toopowerfulgaming”, take your pick. I however preferred to be called by my real name just because it’s more normal. I’m excited to tell you guys that I just started making LP and Walkthrough Guide content on my youtube gaming channel. I started out making content for MMO’s but I sort of strayed away from that last summer, but now I’m back making more SWTOR MMO Guides, so check them out!

Anyways, To wrap up this short summary of who I am, I am 20, a college student, moderately funny, pretty intelligent(at least I think so ) , and I love gaming/ making gaming content for you guys to enjoy. So currently,
I create MMO, Let’s Play, and Walkthrough Guide Content on my gaming channel so check it out! I just Like to make gaming videos, been gaming all my life, but I’m definitely new to making LP’s and Stuff so hopefully my contents good enough for you all.

CURRENT PROJECTS: SWTOR PvP, Hotline Miami, Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

LvL 50 PvP Gearing Progression Guide:

Jedi Outcast Walkthrough Part 1:

Hotline Miami Part 1:

Would Love to hear feedback either on the channel or here if you like or dislike the commentary!
Thanks For Watching!
Spiralpower - Level 50 Jedi Sentinel Watchmen: Server - Prophecy of the Five
Check out ToopowerfulGaming for anything and everything related to SW:TOR the MMO. I also make Walkthrough's and Let's Plays!