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<Archives of Nihilus> {Social, PvE and optional RP Guild}

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<Archives of Nihilus> {Social, PvE and optional RP Guild}

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02.16.2013 , 04:05 AM | #1
Hello and welcome to AoN <Archives of Nihilus> We are a social, PvE and optional RP guild, possibly one of the only RP guilds on ther server. We are very experienced in guild matters, but are now recovering from a recent split. We have regained our officers but now need to get more active, social and lvl 50 players. We do common flashpoints, ops, heroics and World bosses. We also held the Red eclipse fireworks event on new years day/ new years eve. Help is issued to any member and we have 2 guild bank slots. We will soon be beggining to start some recruitment videos soon, we might still have our teamspeak 3 server (Somone could have stolen it off the owner of the TS3 channel, that guy who owns it is still in our guild) We are an imperial based guild on the red eclipse server, register at our new guild website (Old one got stolen in the split, they took all of the advanced plan days our current members were using for their own benifit)

We also have a sister guild on the server who are on the republic side, <Shadow Guard> are a Social, active, PvE and RP guild, we are very close with them, as we have helped each other through the hard times, if your interested in joining their guild aswell as ours visit their website

Im second in command of AoN right now, if you see me on the forums, my name is CabbageTiger.
We are also planning to do some RP events or server events soon, seeming how Jung ma server are having many server events daily. The roles that we need for our guild are listed on our guild forums. I hope to see you there
Kind regards,
Lyrana (2nd in command of the guild)
Lyrana, Cyborg, Medic Operative, Lvl 50 [The Red Eclipse]
Guild: Archives of Nihilus

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02.16.2013 , 04:46 AM | #2
I would like to say hello to red eclipse players and that we have over 200 members now and recruiting. I am the 1st in command Valorum, If you have any problems be sure to contact me via enjin, this thread or Ingame. (I would prefer this thread or our enjin website rather than ingame.
Kind regards,
Valorum, Ratataki, Deception, Sith Assassin. [Red Eclipse]
Guild: Archives of Nihilus

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04.03.2013 , 04:03 AM | #3
So hows the guild going today?

Today, we have an average of 13-24 members online, which has grown since earlier this year. Most members tend to get along with eachother. There are often social chats and gameplay involves a variety of members in the guild. We are recruiting for casual players who don't want to kill every boss out there in a day.

The Coalition of Guilds on the imperial side isn't bad. We get along with other guilds or there leaders such as <The Fallen Sith> <Imperial Dominion> and more. However recently many members have suggested splitting with our current republic guild <Shadow Guard> To make a new guild called <Archives of Qel Droma> on the republic side. So we may also be looking for leaders there to help with our potentiall new republic guild.

Guild Management/Proggresion
Today our guild is managing reasonably well. we are progressing well since our split by getting members to know eachother better with its to do with a world boss, or just a game of trivia. either way many of the people in AoN Are getting on well with others. We are still looking for the head of the following aspects: Head of PvE, Head of PvP, Head of Sociality/Events, Head of Recruitment and Head of Activity We are also looking for atleast one more officer.

We are strolling through HM FP's Tier 1 and some even members even Tier 2. Within weeks or even days we will begin Story mode Ops. Lower levels are currently being assisted with leveling and lower level world bosses and flashpoints.

Since we are lacking players with PvP We therefore are struggeling to recruit PvPers. In december last year we did begin ranked warzones and organised Lowbie PvP Events. Today we have little PvP. Sometimes unorganised lowbie PvP And 1 man open PvP So we are still looking for many PvP Players.

Recently we have had several Roleplay events come up, mostly organised on the dot but 1 or 2 before hand. Most members do love to roleplay in the guild even if they are mainly PvE orientated.

Guild Bank/Crafting
Crafting and the Guild Bank is currently the aspect which has recently progressed the most. We have alot of keen crafters who are focusing on helping others in the guild get the best gear. We are currently in need of 2 more GB Slots which would cost a total of 5 mil credits which as a guild we are donating together other the next few months. We own 2 GB Vaults already and are as neat as possible at the moment.

We hope that you decide to join our guild and have a long, fun and memorable stay with Archives of Nihilus.

Valorum, Ratataki, Deception, Sith Assassin. [Red Eclipse]
Guild: Archives of Nihilus

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04.11.2013 , 08:16 AM | #4
Hey now i joined if you don't know who i am i am Tobbeious
h_welcom e::we a_15:

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05.05.2013 , 08:30 PM | #5
Spoke to Runegan when he was advertising the guild on Korriban a few days ago and checked out the site and have just put in an app under my main toon name Kaedis
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