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I miss the days when MMOs were wonderous...

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I miss the days when MMOs were wonderous...

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05.23.2013 , 10:37 AM | #171
Yeah, and Space Invaders seemed "wonderous" on the Atari when it first came out too, lol. If you're looking for something to recapture the magic you felt the first time you started playing MMOs....then that's not going to happen....ever.

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05.23.2013 , 10:41 AM | #172
Quote: Originally Posted by Quraswren View Post
I miss the days when developers made games for the enjoyment of the gamers. They were fun to play.

The games sold, made money and had player retention cause they were an enjoyable experience. The money came cause the games were good.

Now, it's create a generic game and see how much money we can make.
I feel this post is a bit of a flame bait. You're basically complaining that your favorite indie band got big, went mainstream, and sold out.

That's how MMO's have become. Back when I watched my friends play EQ I had no interest in the length of time it took them to grind levels or the terrible graphics or the lack of 3rd person view used that in that game. The time you needed to put into EQ to be part of a successful raiding guild was crazy (IMO). So that game catered to those people.

WoW was sort of the same way. At first it catered to raiders... but then the market flooded with people who didn't have the dedication or time allotment... and they wanted a piece of the pie as well. So LFR's came around, content made easier (per se). As a WoW developer said, in Vanilla a small portion raided, but now the majority of players raid. And you can't build raids around that small group anymore... not like MC and such where you needed attunements and there wasn't an easier mode.

Now these games have a bigger genre with a larger majority being those less dedicated people. Even some of those who were dedicated don't have the same time allotments anymore. I would love a game that catered strictly to raiders and had the policy, "If you're a casual, there's plenty of other games out there for you." But companies don't do that.

Just like an indie band... you can stay indie, cater to your small, loyal fan-base, and never make it big... all the while your loyal fan-base will die out as they eventually out-grow your style... or you can go mainstream.