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LVL 50 BH Merc Pyrotech wanting pvp tips

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LVL 50 BH Merc Pyrotech wanting pvp tips

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02.15.2013 , 01:15 PM | #1
Well I was looking for a team today, and was told my gear sucks, I am in full War Hero elim, My Weapons are both the War Hero elim. Using the bolt master implants, war hero ann bracers, my belt is socked with the tech legs mod, black hole comm commando armor, adv crit aug, all my augments are crit/surge. So yeah I am in full pvp war hero gear but am told my gear sucks... so what gives. I have been pvping since UO, made top rank in wow both bgs/arena, Top rank on my server on Aion did the whole transformation thing was fun... but had to hide when not in a pvp raid.... So Any help would be great atm....
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02.15.2013 , 04:27 PM | #2
Whether its WH or EWH doesnt really matter as much as the stat balance you set up. You may have to re-buy a couple extra boots or gloves to get all the right mods and enhancements.

You need 5 slots with Accuracy. Two are from the implants, and three are from enhancements. Those 3 enhancements should use the ones with higher Power and Accuracy, and low Endurance. All other enhancements should be low Endurance, high Power and Surge. This will put your accuracy at 99% or so, and your surge around 75%, depending on skill boxes.

You need 3 or 4 slots with Crit to get the desired Crit Rating. It doesn't matter what slot the Crit comes from. I think right now I have a Crit Mod + Enhancement in 2 guns, helm, and earpiece.

So basically:
-I prefer every single Mod to be the 61/63 with +12/+13 Power (or Crit). **(I prefer these mods on my Merc in PvP because of the extra HP and Crit rating over the other type of mod)

-Every single Enhancement should be the 61/63 Power+Surge (or Crit+Surge) except for the 3 Accuracy enhancements listed above

-All augments should use Aim. Set Bonus should be Eliminator. My preference for relics is Cerulean Nova for a damage proc, and the Boundless Ages for 110 Power.

Dont forget to purchase Warzone Medpacks with credits, not from your own comms.

Rough Example of my Toon:
Helm: 13 Crit Mod, Accuracy+Crit Enhancement
Chest: 13 Power Mod, Power+Surge Enhancement
Legs: 13 Power Mod, Power+Surge Enhancement
Gloves: 13 Power Mod, Power+Surge Enhancement
Boots: 13 Power Mod, Power+Surge Enhancement
Gun1: 13 Crit Mod, Accuracy+Crit Enhancement
Gun2: 13 Crit Mod, Accuracy+Crit Enhancement
Bracer: 13 Power Mod
Belt: 13 Crit Mod
Ear: Crit + Surge
Implants: Accuracy + Power
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