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Best crew skills for my characters?

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Best crew skills for my characters?

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02.15.2013 , 12:22 AM | #1
Hello, everyone.

I have a JK Tank-ish character, (Guardian) (Because I have a balance between damage and defense in her specs)

A full blown IA healer (Operative)

A SW which will be a maurader.

A SI which will be a sorcerer,

A Smug which will be a gunslinger,

And a Trooper which will be a Vanguard.

Since I have no intention of renewing my sub next month, I was wondering what your ideal two crew skill choices are for the above characters. (I have picked treasure hunting for the meantime to fill the third slot)

Thanks for your time, and thanks for answering!
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02.15.2013 , 09:10 AM | #2
If you want to be self sufficient and actually craft for yourself, that is going to be hard. You could take one of each crafting type (1 for each of your 6 characters) with their associated harvesting skill then buy the prototype (blue) and or artifact (purple) mission raws off the GTN. It would be expensive to do but you could get yourself at least the prototype recipes and when you had enough credits buy the mission based raws you will need for Prototype Gear.

On the other hand if your interested in money, I'd pick up Slicing for every character and then probably Scavenging and Archeology along with Underworld Trading. I'd probably put Scavenging, Archeology and Underworld trading on 2 characters each and skip the others. You could also check the GTN to see how raw materials both the harvestable types and the mission ones are selling on your server. Remember though for the mission based ones like Underworld Trading your going to have to spend some money to get those rares in order to sell them.
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02.16.2013 , 07:00 PM | #3
If you want to try to match up companion "specials" with the best skills for each class, Dulfy has a good article on companions and crafting here.

In general, tho? No real need to worry about it unless you want to craft augments and get a rare 2-for-1 with a crit. Quite frankly, getting your companions up to 10k affection means more than worrying about who is best at what. The chance you get for critting on an item mod will range from 2 to 5% max if a companion has a critical in a crafting skill, and given the 20% chance for success in getting such a crit it really isn't that big a deal. By far, if you intend to craft your own gear it makes more sense to craft something that character can use: armorMECH and armstech to tech using toons, synthweaving to force users. Biochem and artifice can go either way, tho it makes a tiny bit more sense to craft saber hilts (artifice) on a force user.

I know a lot of people think custom gear is the way to go over Artifact-quality fixed-stat gear and it certainly does take some time to get useful purple schematics from your greens you learn at your trainer, but my Assassin hit 18k health in warzones around level 33 and had superior secondary stats (defense, shield, absorb) than any other tank class I teamed with. Custom gear will get you higher primary stats, but they tend to fall far short on secondaries as you level a toon. Being able to craft your own gear is nice, but given the horrific system BioWare has saddled on us for learning new schematics the process of getting the schematics you want can be frustrating.
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