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A Summary of Increased Repair Cost Problems (for BW/EA)

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A Summary of Increased Repair Cost Problems (for BW/EA)
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Lent_San's Avatar

02.14.2013 , 12:08 PM | #51
Quote: Originally Posted by Ratajack View Post
So, let me get this straight. You and your guild know that there are ways you can handle the increased cost for repairs, but are unwilling to make the changes needed, so it's up to BW/EA to lower the costs, even if it was a legitimate bug fix?
Except it wasn't.

RorCorps's Avatar

02.14.2013 , 12:08 PM | #52
Quote: Originally Posted by tortcat View Post
I think the real point is, no one likes to pay more for things. This has been the way it was for a year, people have gotten used to it and theer is no legitimate reason to suddenly fix this "bug".

Does anyone truely want to ever pay more for the same thing? In a game or in real life?
It would seem the people who have been paying higher costs would disagree with you that this isn't a legitimate bug. Are we to just say "well, sucks to be you, been this way for a year trollololol."

And the priceless part is you actually included that line that I bolded, while people were already paying more for the same thing.

DarthVenizen's Avatar

02.14.2013 , 12:09 PM | #53
Quote: Originally Posted by Lent_San View Post
Except it wasn't.
except, it was, unless you can go into code and PROVE that it wasn't actually bugged and they decided to jack up the price, you cannot say that it wasn't bugged.

TheSkate's Avatar

02.14.2013 , 12:10 PM | #54
Quote: Originally Posted by Jinxblog View Post
Uhh, no.

Real progression guilds will not let repairs bills stop them. 20-30 wipes? Try 100+ for some Nightmare Mode bosses. This is what farming/off-season is for. Run some dailies, stock up the guild bank between raids, and then use those tens of millions for when you spend 4 hours just wiping day after day.

Plus, many progression raiders don't sport low level orange shells and have been paying top dollar for repairs.
So according to you, "real progression guilds" have no problem with paying 2 million credits per player per run for some NM bosses? Don't think so.
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Jinxblog's Avatar

02.14.2013 , 12:11 PM | #55
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthFamine View Post
You have tens of millions?

Share :P

we have 2 guilds, one imp one pub and keep about a million in each side.
we just don't have time to throw away like some people do.
Share pic?

That is our GB at the tail end of our progression season. Our tax system is actually being reinstated after the Gree event ends. It is not uncommon for progression guilds to have over 100+ mil in their GB between raids. We are the first to be able to craft the new tier gear and really capitalize on that monopoly.

Share creds?

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FeelFlow's Avatar

02.14.2013 , 12:11 PM | #56
I don't think that you should have repair costs in a game with F2P elements which is (presumably) partially aimed at casual players.

When levelling, repair costs are a bit annoying. Presumably they're there as a game mechanic so you accept them at end-game where the bills get much bigger.

There, in subscription games, the repair bills are part of the 'work' that you do to raid week in week out. You need to buy consumables, repair your free so you go and get a job doing dailies in the main game world and flash points etc,

It's part of the cycle of getting people to raid each week - so they can stay subbed.

My point is, like others have said here, that if the game is aimed at casual players, why keep this job element grind in the game? It seems like an outmoded mechanic.

mothear's Avatar

02.14.2013 , 12:13 PM | #57
Quote: Originally Posted by Lent_San View Post
Except it wasn't.
Except it was because BW said so.

I moved to a new server so no subsidising from level 50's or legacy and have a 40 smuggler with all professions above 300 and 296k in my bank (already got level 3 speeding. I don't play the market and vendor almost everything so I call your 30K as BS as well, unless you waste money on the GTN.

NoFishing's Avatar

02.14.2013 , 12:15 PM | #58
I agree that the repair costs have gotten out of hand. Between disconnects and a couple of inexperienced players, we wiped a few times on the first boss in TfB HM last night. Average repair costs were 150k each, for an op we've had on farm for quite a while. This absolutely will make us more hostile towards bringing PuGs or even new guild members into our raids, since NOBODY likes running dailies.

I understand the bug fix for the vendor price. Previously, you could remove all the 61/63 modifications from a piece of gear, R/E them, and the vendor value of the gear wouldn't change. That always seemed odd to me.

But the side effect of dramatically increasing repair costs is actively harmful.

Jinxblog's Avatar

02.14.2013 , 12:16 PM | #59
Quote: Originally Posted by TheSkate View Post
So according to you, "real progression guilds" have no problem with paying 2 million credits per player per run for some NM bosses? Don't think so.
Yes, that is exactly what I am saying. Are you apart of a progression guild? No? Then please do not speak for us.

Have I been speaking for the casual guilds? No.
Have I said that the "new" repair costs will not affect them? No.

I have only been speaking about my progression guild and other progression guilds on my server ( we communicate frequently and actually have members who are within multiple progression guilds).
No flames are necessary, you are already roasting in the fires of your own stupidity.

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02.14.2013 , 12:18 PM | #60
Quote: Originally Posted by Larity View Post

Does no one realize this was a bug that has now been fixed?
yea... it was a bug that was intentionally introduced in 1.2 and has only now been silently "fixed" after it was only miraculously discovered 9-10 months later despite the torrent of complaints by the playerbase

nice try though Biodrone...
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