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Need some tips on making credits

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Need some tips on making credits

Cleet_Xia's Avatar

03.07.2013 , 04:38 AM | #21
You may want to hold off on buying your upgrade for a few months, until a few things get worked out.

A lot of people are having difficulty getting SWTOR to run under windows 8, as not all the drivers for the grafics cards are 100% compatible. It's purely a software issue, and will no doubt be resolved over time.

Pretty much any new off the shelf desktop pc has more than enough basic hardware for SWTOR. But you'll want to spend between $100 - $200 on a video card (I recommend NVidia). Depending on the model this may require a power supply upgrade to support the video card.
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Shiziticus's Avatar

03.07.2013 , 12:43 PM | #22
Thanx for the input 'Cleet'.... Really appreciate it. I won't be using windows 8. I don't like it. Also, I won't be buying an off the shelf rig, rather, I'll be building it myself, so I'll be able to create a nice, clean, crap-free hard-drive / set up / install. I 'may' end up using the computer for a few other non 'MMO' games too. I first tried SWTOR the second month of it's release.....and put it aside because my computer at the time didn't seem to agree with it. But as of late....[for about a month now] I've been playing steady on an ASUS gaming laptop....which 'seems' to do OK as long as a few of the settings are turned off and or to 'low' setting, however, I got a chance to see someone playing the game at '1020 x 1080' and knew then and there that THAT is how I wanted to experience this game BEFORE I go any further-----'cause------you only get ONE opportunity to experience each world / and each toon's story ONCE. Only ONCE. So that is pretty much why I want to wait until I can play the game on MAX settings across the board.

Also....I've attempted to experiment with 'other' MMO's out there at this time....and NONE of them grant me whatever it is that makes me 'feel' EAGER to does SWTOR. When STAR WARS originally came out.....I was in my mid teens [1977-78]. It utterly changed my life. In fact, as I recall, I saw 'Empire Strikes Back' at the Drive right near the beach on Cape-Cod in Massachussetts. So even though I'm likely a lot older than most of you....I'm really and truly thankful that SWTOR has come to be. I just wish the graphics were a bit more 'spruced up'. Example....on Tatooine, I really would have liked it if there were 'sand storms' etc....but it's kinda 'flat' and there is really zero in terms of dynamic 'Weather' in the game. 'Weather' can REALLY enhance immersion, which, in turn, can TRULY bind you to the game a lot more. Perhaps in time....???? Thanx again for the input.