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My patience is ending

NasCognus's Avatar

12.20.2011 , 12:42 PM | #1
I got two problems and ive been testing my computer and connection for about two days now.

I got the worst FPS in warzones ever and its unplayable! Today ive started to get disconnects and no its not just one.
A DC from time to time really removes the desire to play when you have to get in a 45 min que and then again play for some time before getting kicked again (fix the number of people on the servers). Been testing over and over and its not my internet!

I wrote to them twice and I get these stupid autofeedbacks insted of someone telling me things like you know that there is an overall issue and that you are working on it. Or that Nvidia is working on a new driver to fix the lag.

I know alot of people got the same problem......... Bad start so far bioware