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F2P has destroyed what is left of under 50 WZ's

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F2P has destroyed what is left of under 50 WZ's

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02.10.2013 , 04:49 PM | #31
We need a wz where playing the objectives doesn't wind up leaving you out on an island while the fighting takes place somewhere else. Huttball is the only map where there is always a battle on the main objective point. Every other map has a tendency to force players to choose between playing an objective and fighting. There should be no choice, fighting should be the main component of any pvp objective. We need more creative map designs and less repackaged copies of the same failed concept.

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02.10.2013 , 05:06 PM | #32
I agree.

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02.10.2013 , 05:37 PM | #33
There are two big flawed arguments being discussed here:

First of all, the "people under level 20 shouldn't participate" misnomer needs to die. Anyone who says anything of the sort instantly loses all creditability. Any spec can effectively contribute under level 20 (and, yes, even 15). A couple people even mentioned level 10 Ops. I've carried teams on level 10-12 Ops. It's not hard. Smart play always trumps the number of skills you have in your quickbar, and the bolster is working in your favor. A level 10 Op can ninja cap just as well as a level 49.

In fact, I'd argue that it's better for people to start PvPing right away at 10. It forces them to learn the game mechanics and not use bubble stuns, monkey smashes, etc. as crutches.

Secondly, blaming poor play on F2Pers is just stupid. There has been rampant poor play since launch. Blaming the current problems on F2Pers just because they are F2Pers is logically flawed. For one thing, they don't get to play as much as subs and therefore don't have the opportunity to fully learn the maps. That's not their fault. But complaining about things like "they don't have sprint!" is just silly. There was a time you didn't either. And let us not forget there was also a time you were new to PvP too.

If they're 15 and don't have an AC, tell them. Be a . It's simple and way easier than coming on to the message board to complain about it. in a tl:dr post.

Furthermore, if you want to improve the quality of gameplay, do something about it. I for one wrote up a text file with short sentences for each WZ I can C&P into Ops chat if I know there's some newish players. It took me less than five minutes to write up, and even if it only helped a couple of people since I started using it, it's been more than worth it.

Lastly, I would also like to argue that the current surge of underaged badness is due just as much (if not more) to the augmented purple twinks who'd just assume run around and deathmatch than it is any new F2Per. They're everywhere now. Since their WH over recruit advantage is gone, they have to make-up for it (and their obvious lack of skill) whatever way they can.

Quote: Originally Posted by Raansu View Post
This is why I think that for the most part the scoreboard should be removed/changed. Replace heals/dps stats with a more defined objective points scoring and medals.
I totally agree.

I once made the suggestion that all the stats except medals and objective points should be hidden until you vote.
Or always keep everything hidden except for personal use.
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