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<Republic Special Tactics and Recon> Recruiting all levels

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<Republic Special Tactics and Recon> Recruiting all levels

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02.09.2013 , 10:54 AM | #1
Republic Special Tactics and Recon (RSTR in game) is a new guild on the Republic side (go figure ) that is looking to expand with active players of all levels. MMO Experience isn't necessary, though a basic idea of how things work is appreciated.

We're laid back and casual, willing to help out a fellow guildie with leveling or difficult bosses. We play both PVP and PVE, though most of our current focus is on PVE. We make no distinction between F2P and Subs; we only ask that you are active and have a good sense of humor.

We'd like to find some folks on early in the morning (USMT) or later in the evening, with a focus on the weekends for running Hard-mode flashpoints and if we can put together a team, a few operations. VOIP needs will be met by Skype, so if you want to get together to learn the fights, that's what we'll be using.

Maturity is expected, though joking around (when not in the middle of a boss fight ) and making people laugh is always allowed. Racism and prejudice is not allowed, and is grounds for instant removal.

If interested, please either reply here or send Arystyn (50 Commando) an in-game mail with any questions or your request to join.