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Healers NOT Always priority target and why!

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Healers NOT Always priority target and why!

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02.14.2013 , 06:25 AM | #51
Quote: Originally Posted by Smashbrother View Post
This works if people are on mumble and can communicate, but doesn't work in pugs. CC gets broken 90% of the time really early. Interrupts only really hamper command healers and those are rare.
This works perfectly with good players, vocal chat or not.

I totally agree with the fact healers rarely need to be killed first, it's more effective to CC the (or... ONE OF the) healer and demolish a DPS.

Gunnery/Arsenal shouldn't even take part in WZs given they share healers' total inability to do anything when interrupted, Pyro/Assault are priority DPS targets along with rage juggs/focus guardians.

Well, I'm biased though, since I consider heal merc/commando to be the absolute best WZ healer : less healing done overall, but just about any heal they do will turn the table and they can still heal while marked, which isn't the case of a scoundrel/operative (only surgical probe available, provided he has some tactical advantage stacked) nor the case of the sage/sorc (everything with a cast/focus time... except one HoT which is no better than rapid fire healing/medical probes)

Anyway, none of this applies to groups full of "trispecced" or guys totally unaware of their own potential, which we could simply categorize as "bad players" (finishing a Void Star top healer with 400k heal with a duo of 350k heal/350k damage sorcs, a tank and 2 rage jugg/mara at half that in DPS is just one example of that, especially since I forgot to reequip pvp accessories and only had 830 expertise while they all had 1300+...)

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02.14.2013 , 09:09 PM | #52
CC is very important in this game, so using it wisely really does make a difference.