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How are others getting such insane damage numbers?

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How are others getting such insane damage numbers?

fallen_phoenix's Avatar

02.06.2013 , 03:59 AM | #1
Hey guys,

I've recently been trying a damage sorc build in PvP that works pretty well in PvE (I mean I can drop stuff insanely fast, it actually feels OP). However, in unranked sub-50 warzones, I'm seeing that my damage numbers are nowhere near what the top contenders have.

For example, I just got out of a warzone and had a damage total of about 44k. That's it. Others had over 230k. Even though I think we were up against a premade, it's obvious to me that I'm just plain doing something wrong with respect to dealing damage in a warzone since I'm getting my *** handed to me time and again, usually by a zerg of 3+ players at a time.

Now, I can see the math here: somebody gets big numbers because they have backup and don't die, whereas I have zero backup and spend more time in the spawn area than on the battlefield. But I think there may be more to it than that alone.

So my first question is, can anyone recommend a really good sorc PvP DPS guide?

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, since you get a scalable buff in these warzones, how much does gear actually matter in the sub-50 WZs? I admit my gear could be better (it's not 100% purples and perfect mods everywhere), but it's fairly decent - I'd say about average, maybe slightly above average. So are all these people getting 3-4x the damage that I do just better geared and backed up by a team, or is there something else going on here likely?

Any advice ya'll could provide would be appreciated. Thanks.

Jayshames's Avatar

02.06.2013 , 04:05 AM | #2
First of all, don't let pre50 warzones get you down. They are by no means anything like the real deal at 50.
Secondly, damage numbers mean absolutely nothing in WZ. If you're a DPS, what you want is kills.
On my Sorcerer I can easily get 600k+ damage per game if I go around spreading DoTs on people, but that brings barely anything to the team except maybe annoying the enemys a little.
I'm not sure which level you are so I can't comment on abilitys yet. Though if you spec into madness tree you're going to want the 0 cooldown on Force Lightning and the 3 points in the ability to the left of it (forgot the name but it gives force back every hit) which makes Fore Lightning free to cast and does good damage. You'll also want the ability above it (wrath) which makes crushing darkness an instant cast when proc. If your opponent is low health, simply burn them down with force lightning and possibly death field. If they are higher health you'l want to death field, add your DoTs then Force Lightning and add crushing darkness when it procs.

fallen_phoenix's Avatar

02.06.2013 , 04:13 AM | #3
Hey, thanks Jay. Right now I'm lightning spec (forget the actual name, maybe that's it - the one in the middle) at level 39. I briefly played with madness and found it interesting, but have been so used to just casting mad bolts that I hadn't really considered sticking with madness. Maybe I should revise that notion.

How much does gear in these sub-50 WZs really matter though? I'm wondering if I had some +willpower I may do a lot better.

Thanks again man!

Amebia's Avatar

02.06.2013 , 04:22 AM | #4
Gear is extremely important in swtor.

Keep your gear up to date with at level blue mods,enhancements,armorings, crystals and hilts and everything else. Or purple if you don't mind the cost

Feztonio's Avatar

02.06.2013 , 04:25 AM | #5
just wait til you're fully augmented WH and starting to mix in some EWH and you're still taking 6k or more smashes/sweeps. then you'll wonder wth is the point of grinding out gear if it doesn't apparently do anything
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IronFirewind's Avatar

02.06.2013 , 04:44 AM | #6
A lot of the insane damage numbers are done in Premade vs Premade games that end up lasting for about 15-20 minutes. It is possible for a Civil War or Denova game to go on for that long if only two turrets get capped.

My record on my Sorc (main) is about 680k Healing and 390k Damage taken on a Civil War game where only the sides turrets were capped. I would have gotten more healing but I was 2 v 6 for the entire game on mid with a Tank Juggernaut guildmate so he was the only person to heal for most of it (other two guildies were in recruit gear and died whenever they turned up), and the other premade didn't think of trying to separate and stunlock us for the entire 15mins. They just kept hitting the guarded healer with the Tank hitting Intercede + Taunt whenever I got focused, or the Tank with a pocket healer (yes they did complain about Smash + Bubble Spec in /say even though we weren't using those specs).

Gear does also matter pre-50. The bad players will insist otherwise but in the 40's you will be running around with 100+ Expertise and on average 14-15k HP which DOES make a noticable difference compared to a Lv10-30 with 12k HP.
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MusicRider's Avatar

02.06.2013 , 05:44 AM | #7
I am afraid that pvp is different than pve. In fact in under 50 pvp sages/sorcs are OP, totally different from 50 pvp. So basic things:
1) Go balance and aim to get at about level 20-23 it is if I recall well the tk throw has no cooldown ability
2) Got to work on your rotations, but this change as you hain abilities. But on a target with more than 70% a weaken mind is necessary.
3) Got to work on your survivability. See how many times you die. A sage/sorc is usually on the move. You see a snipers target on you? Run and hide behind a pillar. Despite popular believe from another thread bubble does not make sages tanky, it only gives them 1 single warning that they need to react otherwise the next hit will hurt badly.
4) Kiting. Under 50 it is ridiculous easy to kite people around even in pure open space unless they are the usual classes at their high level (shadows and vanguards)

Going back to rotations they change as you level, but even at 10-15 your rotations are perfectly viable to dish out decent numbers, they are just more force exhausting.

MusicRider's Avatar

02.06.2013 , 05:47 AM | #8
On the gear issue in pre50 gear matters the higher you go. You can spend your comms prior to 40 to buy gear from the pvp vendor. Also doing daily will give you a piece of random gear. Together with doing flashpoints you can keep upto date. At level 40 you want to have reach valor 40 and start converting your comms to ranked comms, so when you reach 50 you can buy wh and/or ewh pieces straightaway.

MidichIorian's Avatar

02.06.2013 , 08:01 AM | #9
First 11 points. Without the Madness skill, no CD on force lightning, you're pretty much playing a crappy lightning spec...and the Lightning spec is bad to begin with. Full lightning game from last (EST) night (time is local, I'm in EU but on a US server)

Next mission will be to unlock Wrath. After that it's optional, start putting points in for a hybrid or go for deathmark. I would start with Electric Induction and Reserves in the Lightning tree.

As for big numbers, stay alive. The key to producing on a sorc is location. Here's me as a lvl 31 or something, it''s atleast pre-lvl 34 since I don't have force storm yet (always have that bound to key 4 and 4 is empty here). I've never been in full purple or even remotely close to it while leveling.

A small bonus for all those who claim that expertise is everything.

Edit: Ha, found this while looking through screenshots. First, how does a scoreboard like that even happen? Second, check the comment. Wasnt lying either, never had expertise on my voss set.

SpoeMeister's Avatar

02.06.2013 , 08:31 AM | #10
Here are my examples as a L39 sorc.

Madness. While kiting, I'd use this priority list:
1. Death Field
2. If Wrath is active, Crushing Darkness
3. Affliction
4. Shock
5. Force Lightning to proc Wrath

Lightning. I'd use this priority list:
1. Bubble yourself. Yes, yes, it's the most hated ability at the moment, but you have it, so use it.
2. Recklessness
3. Affliction.
4. Crushing Darkness
5. Polarity Shift
6. Force Lightning with Lightning Barrage
7. Chain Lightning with Lightning Storm
8. Lightning Strike or Force Lightning

The most important part is, as said before, to stay alive. Keep a low profile, don't stand in the middle of the zerg and kite melees to the best you can. If you're target by snipers or mercs, try to LOS them while getting your dots up.

EDIT: Regarding gear, they also matter sub 50 but not to the same degree as in 50 PvP. keep your armor up to date in blues through commendations and also don't forget to upgrade your earpieces, implants and relics. the latter aren't used in PvP but they give extra endurance.
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