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JK lvl 47 Class mission "Irredemmable" crash

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JK lvl 47 Class mission "Irredemmable" crash
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02.05.2013 , 07:41 PM | #1
Anyone else crashing to desktop when you try to hyperspace to the "Valiant" while in space. I can click on it and when it comes up with the screen to choose to hyperspace, it locks up and crashes to desktop after about ten seconds. ive tried some workarounds like turning off ambient occulsion and rolling back my nvidia drivers but nothing it working. kinda ridiculous that i get my sub back and this happens the next day.

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02.05.2013 , 07:55 PM | #2 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Greetings RoanFate,

Could you please set your games Graphic preferences to low, turn off Antialiasing, Shadows and Bloom and then attempt to travel again?

If this works you can set the graphic options back to your desired ones after arriving at your destination.

Please come back to us if the issue remains.

I hope this helps!
Beruthien| BioWare Customer Service Forum Support

RoanFate's Avatar

02.05.2013 , 08:34 PM | #3
Worked great! thanks for the help!