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new player, im level 50 but now what ...

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new player, im level 50 but now what ...

knoxiee's Avatar

02.05.2013 , 09:37 AM | #1

so i finally hit 50, on my sith soc, and i loved every minute of it, great story.

but im suddenly a bit like ... so now what.

This is my first mmo so im not entirely sure of what the deal is at higher levels ?

I would like to do some flashpoints and some pvp but im confused with the whole gear requirments.

for the flashpoints, what order do i do them in ? is it a case of you do the easiest one first, you get the gear in that one to be able to do the next one and so forth ?'

also is there anything else to do at 50 apart from those things that im not aware of ?

thanks for the help

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02.05.2013 , 10:07 AM | #2
luckily, as soon as you hit 50 you receive a fresh set of both pve (tionese) and pvp (recruit) gear
so your initial gear concerns are covered

the best advice for a new fifty is not to rush it
take it easy/one day at a time

there are dailies for both pvp and a hm flashpoint and both give the comms needed to get some better gear

there are also quest "dailies" on belsavis, corellia, and illum
the quests are just like your 1-49 pve quests except they are repeatable everyday
these are a good way to earn credits and are especially decent at filling time if you are unsure of what to do in any specific moment in time

fwiw- my first 50 simply became a sugar daddy for a newly rolled alt; i only logged on to my 50 to run crew missions and send the baby alts some goodies

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02.05.2013 , 10:11 AM | #3
you should receive bunch of Tionese commendations, go to the vendor and buy Tionese gear. - That is a starter gear for PVE content.
(go to your Tionese gear vendor on your fleet)

Then use the Group Finder for running hard Mode Flashpoints in order to get better gear (Columi/Rakata and BH).
I assume you have run every FP at least once on normal mode, so you know the contents. if not, please run them before doing HM versions.

Then you have just long time of doing dailies and weeklies to grind your BH hear and all kinds of commendations for better relics and implants.

IF you consider PVP as an option, you should also receive a quest to get PVP Recruit gear - go get it (if you plan joining the PVP Warzones - if not, skip it). Please note the PVP gear has the "experitse" stat that is valid ONLY in WZs so it's useless in PVE content and some players may not appreciate your PVP gear in PVE and vice versa.
Since both are more or less "free" you should get both.

That's for beginning.
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02.05.2013 , 10:25 AM | #4
First of all, go to fleet at get your Tionese set and your PVP set of armors (be sure to get the mission from the PVP mission box that grants you your PVP set of armor).

After you're equipped, I would recommend going to the Black Hole area of Corellia (take a shuttle to get there). Do all 7(I think?) missions there, and you will get 6 Black Hole comms (per week). You'll also get about 7 Daily comms (per day). Use these comms to upgrade your equipment. Your first BH run will probably take a while, but once you get used to it, you can do all the BH missions in about 40 minutes. This is an easy way to make credits (about 70,000/day) and comms.

And you should also be starting flashpoints. You can use Group Finder. Any hard mode flashpoint is doable with your current equipment (except Lost Island). But before you do hard mode, I recommend doing each flashpoint in story mode first, to make sure you are familiarized with the mechanics first. When you do hard mode, be sure all the hard mode flashpoints are checked (except Lost Island). This will grant you 5 Black Hole comms per day. You'll also start getting Columni gear inside the hard mode flashpoints.

Soon you will have replaced all of your Tionese gear with Columni/Black Hole gear. Then you'll be ready for Operations (story mode).

I can't really speak to PVP, as I do PVE only.
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02.05.2013 , 10:27 AM | #5
Firstly; go to your fleet; you can pick up free pvp Recruit armour and also 99 free Tionese commendations. You can use these to buy almost a full Tionese set from your respective vendor. (I've found Recruit is generally better overall though at the start). You then should be able to do flashpoints or pvp warzones (depending on your preference). You can also pick up your daily and weekly missions for both PVP and Flashpoints from their respective areas on the fleet.

If you do play warzones though; make sure you are wearing all your PVP gear, as it will prevent you from being instantly crushed. But you will die a bit (or a lot), until you get the next tier of equipment (War Hero), which you can obtain by amassing the commendations you get for playing warzones. If you're not sure of the maps or objectives, a quick glance on the 'net should provide you with the basics.

From your post; I'm inferring that you've haven't done many (or any) of the FP's before (sorry if I'm wrong). You want to do "Hard Mode" Flashpoints which yield better gear, though you may wish to do the "Story Mode" which is easier, to get the gist of the level. My advice would be either read a guide to get the basics down, (some bosses do have certain mechanics to watch out for) or get a group/guild who can explain it all to you in detail as you go through.

Provided you announce you're new to the FP at the start though, most random groups will happily explain the tricky bits (which are few and far between). Make sure you pick up the daily and weekly missions form the terminals on the Fleet; they can provide some great rewards.

Your aim in doing flashpoints is to be able to get the better gear, so initially you are looking toward Columi, then onwards. In Hard Mode, the end bosses drop Columi gear, so look out for that. Despite the name hard mode isn't really that hard compared to the normal (story) mode FPs.

You can do the flashpoints in any order, though Lost Island is harder, due to being a tier 2 FP. Leave that one for a while. Group finder will randomly select a flashpoint for you to do, and a group if you're by yourself, though you may have a wait.
Eventually you may want to go on Ops, but many people like a certain gear requirement for those.

I would suggest running the dailies (on Belsavis, Ilum, the Black Hole on Corellia and Section-X); an excellent way to build up cash and daily commendations which can be used to buy earpieces and the like. Again, the fleet will give you the quests to find these places, so don't worry about that.

I'm certain I've forgotten something amazingly obvious, but hopefully someone else can add it for you. And I'm sorry for the length of my reply. Hopefully I haven't swamped you with information.

Have fun, and happy Gaming! 8)
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I /wave and drop group. Just before I click Exit Area, I watch the Tank get carbonized. Again.

knoxiee's Avatar

02.05.2013 , 10:42 AM | #6
thanks very much for all the info guys, cant believe i almost blanked all that free gear (and much better gear) as the gear im in right now is not very good to say the least.

I want to do a bit of both pvp and pve but now that iv got the gear i need i can grind at my leisure.

flashpoints are going to take a bit of practice as iv only done 1 before, well 2 actually, but the second was a complete disaster, the tank was a dps, this was through the group finder btw and he was a total knob.

He explained the bit we were at and it was like a maze and you go through it in fazes etc etc but the other guys who were also new didnt quite understand what he was trying to say, language barrier i suppose, fast forward a few minutes and the guy was calling us jews and that we should be gassed as those other guys were polish, extrodinary logic.

Kind of put me off flashpoints to be honest.... lol

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02.05.2013 , 04:54 PM | #7
Kind of put me off flashpoints to be honest.... lol
I'd definitely suggest to find a quality and mature guild. While you might not be a good match with the first guild you find, you'll usually find one eventually that fits you and are very willing to help with FPs, OPs, group PVP'ing, etc.

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02.05.2013 , 06:24 PM | #8
@knoxiee, it's a shame you ran into a group like that, as it can definitely put a sour taste in your mouth on the subject.

I really hope that you end up with a good group that you can work with on flashpoints and operations. Not only are they fun in and of themselves, the best times I've had in this game were with other players all having a good time together. It's the main reason I keep playing.

knoxiee's Avatar

02.05.2013 , 09:51 PM | #9
did a couple of flashpoints tonight and it was a really positive experience, nice people and a bit of a laugh, it wasnt as hard as i was expecting it to be either, i thought level 50 flashpoints would go right over my head but they were generally straight forward.

starting doing my dailies too, so yeah feeling a lot more like iv got stuff to get my teeth into.

one more thing if anyone is still reading this but what is the deal with companions and the affliction ? what does it actually do if i get it up to max ?

Khevar's Avatar

02.05.2013 , 10:43 PM | #10
Companion affection is for crafting. It does two things:

1. It increases the chance for a "critical"
2. It reduces the time to do crafting or run a mission.

For example, on my Commando, my Tanno Vik has a 10,000 affection. If you try to craft something, he also has a +5 critical. Here's how that ends up:

Base chance for a crit: 15%
+5% for Tanno Vik
+5% for 10,000 affection (you get 1% for each 2,000 points)

Total % for a crit = 25%

When you are doing crafting or gathering missions, a crit does the following:

a. For gathering missions, you get more materials in the result.
b. When crafting wearable gear (i.e. armor, etc) you have a chance for an "augment slot" which you can put an augment in to increase the stats.
c. When crafting item modifications or consumables (e.g. an Enhancement or Health Pack) a crit gives you two instead of one.

Hope this helps.