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target dummy?

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02.04.2013 , 08:27 PM | #1
Is there a target dummy somewhere on fleet?

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02.04.2013 , 08:56 PM | #2
not that I know of (Unlikely because it's probably designed as a 'no-combat zone'), however there are some hidden around on the starter planets as well as Coruscant and Dromund Kaas. I don't know about the other planets, but there is the legacy unlock for one on your personal ship.
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02.04.2013 , 08:58 PM | #3
I don't think there's one on the fleet, but there's one on korriban too
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02.04.2013 , 09:03 PM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by hiser View Post
Is there a target dummy somewhere on fleet?
Not the main fleet station. If you're pub they're on the Gav Dragoon ship (you can taxi to it from Carrick Station).

Imp fleet it's the same, but I forget the name of the ship in fleet they're on.

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02.04.2013 , 09:50 PM | #5
thanks for the help