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State of the Server?

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02.10.2013 , 10:05 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by DreamerBrian View Post
This may not be WoW, and it may not be PvE, but getting 8 people of specific class/spec online at the same time for rateds is exponentially easier than getting 40 people online at the same time for a WoW raid. I understand that the population on PoT5 increments this challenge, but guilds like mine (HSP), Casual, Ubique, Brutalize, and Hostile Takeover didn't just spring up overnight. It takes time to meet good players in pugs and convince them to form a group together in order to progress to the next level of PvP in this game. Concurrently, It takes time to build synergy between those people and gain ability as a team.
IDK how it was in wow, but getting 100+ people in daoc to do the toughest PVE was no where near as challenging as getting 8 elite players with the right classes in this game on at the same time to do rateds. Even getting good players to do the same content with 50+ players wasn't that tough. 8 Elite players with the perfect classes in this game to even stand a chance is pretty tough to get on at the same time consistently. That is why there is only 5-8 or so guilds that que regularly for ranked.

I was refering to HSP kicking my ranked pug in rateds btw, I think facing them is always fun in regs because I know we can put up a good fight :P It all comes down to who the other 4 are on both sides. Pugging against them in rateds was not so fun. I knew the 8 on my side... and 4 of them... lolol

on a side note: i think the server is in a good state, and I like that there seem to be a decent number of good teams out there, hope that I can get the 8 together to make one as well.
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02.11.2013 , 10:06 AM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Cilas View Post
I would love to queue more rated, requiring 8 people in specific compositions is what keeps me out... To challenging to get the people on at the same time, even though I play quite frequently. /sigh
Yep. Every team only needs ONE of a given class (if any at all). It's unfortunate. I've said this in the pvp forums, the very nature of rated as it stands now makes it its own worst enemy. I love my sniper but I feel like I've hit a developmental wall. It's not that I'd rock rateds - I wouldn't.

It's more like - I'm not going to get better unless I can do rateds a couple nights a week, and thats impossible. So I'm onto the next leveling project part time again.
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