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Crash to Desktop and other Crashing question

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Crash to Desktop and other Crashing question

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02.02.2013 , 04:35 AM | #1
I have had the occasionaly crash to desktop (no error messages) or the crashes that actually report errors. These do not annoy me as much as it seems many other people do. But I frequent the forums a lot and I am wanting to help with this in some regard due to my skill set.

That said, I have been running a tool, procdump to generate a process memory dump of the two swtor processes, not only it will perform the dump on any level 1 exceptions. I have caught two of these already, I have posted some of the information in game, but I also have the complete memory dump of the game when the processes exited.

Really my question is, that I can send information about access violations and any other manner of errors that might be received but this isn't a lot of good unless you know what the program was doing. I am logging what I am doing in game which might give some indication but with a complete memory dump, running this with symbols through a debugger should net you some answers.

Where, or how could I send these to you, with all the information I have gathered?

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