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Question for Empire Pvpers

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02.05.2013 , 08:09 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Mindsting View Post
I personally almost never notice the guild tag but rather the player themselves as many others have stated.

There is a nice group of players who when I see them I have to drop what ever I'm doing and focus on attempting to out maneuver them until either myself or my team can scorch them from the earth.

When someone like Neo/Rinzler there shows up my typical reaction is "AWWW &*%(@" **Force Wave>Resilience>Force Cloak>RUN FOR THE HILLSSSSS** I honestly couldn't tell you the name of 90% of the guilds on the server but I could name a few very formidable individuals.
Lawlz I'm not so sure about that, your class/spec tends to be my kryptonite. You and Kal on his assassin always give me a rough time. Usually resulting in my demise. (what's funny is Kal is a friend and he still shows no mercy. )
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