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Adaptive Armor (low level)

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Adaptive Armor (low level)

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03.07.2013 , 09:21 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by LooneyMobb View Post
Wait, so if i'm lvl 8 now and i buy adaptive armor and use it up to 50, it's stats won't upgrade every time i lvl up? It will stay at the best stats for lvl 8 instead of whatever lvl i go to?
It won't automatically upgrade. You have to get modifications (armoring, mods, enhancement) for it and replace the modifications that are in it. You can get the modifications from the GTN, from quest rewards, or from vendors (regular and commendation) on a planet.

If you continue to upgrade your mods, you can use the same shell (which is all adaptive armor is) from 10-50.

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03.07.2013 , 01:06 PM | #12
The Covert armor was made specifically for people who want to run around naked, so they can run around naked and still have stats for combat. If you don't like that it shows you naked, don't wear that armot, wear some other adaptive armor that you like the look of.

As far as "adaptive", it just means that if you put a level 10 armoring plate in it, that plate will give you:

- 10 armor if your class is a caster that can only wear light armor
- 20 armor if your class can wear medium armor
- 50 armor if your class can wear heavy armor

That's all it means. You still have to take out the level 10 mods and put in level 15 mods (and so on) when you level up, to keep it current with what level you are. It's just like orange armor. You have to take the mods out and put higher level mods in.

The advantage is that the mods cost less than a completely new outfit; you can buy them for cheaper with planet commendations, or on the GTN, or even make the mods with some of the crafting skills. So, it can be cheaper to keep up with your level by buying mods, than it would be to buy blue or purple items every 5 levels.