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A message to the PUG community.

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A message to the PUG community.

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02.01.2013 , 04:16 PM | #131
Quote: Originally Posted by UGLYMRJ View Post
So you're at least in your 40's, and you're still trolling... and on top of that trolling someone you believe to be a teenager.

Trolled by life. Enjoy those important RL things you have to take care of.
Well unless you live in the third world i highly doubt your a teen,last i have heard a marriage license requires atleast 17 to 18 years of age in most states,but whatever i gotta go.

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02.01.2013 , 04:16 PM | #132
Quote: Originally Posted by Sathid View Post
Hey look it's one of them "Hey im not mvp" guys,say you guys still playing your two teams in rated many nights a week? sounds rather boring and lame,you guys hitting the burnout stage yet? or doubling up on Redbull and Moutaindew and geek music.
Another one of your gems... but at least you didn't use the word suck. Just found other cute ways to insult people.

Lol but it IS a video game,really get over yourself i have went against your smash premades many times,your not all that.
Oh wow short honeymoon there,what did you go to DQ for a Frosty?
News flash: Man in his 40's trolling Star Wars forums has important things to get to in real life...

Tune into the Ironic news channel for more at 11.

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02.01.2013 , 04:17 PM | #133
Quote: Originally Posted by UGLYMRJ View Post
Another one of your gems... but at least you didn't use the word suck. Just found other cute ways to insult people.
Oh my your doing research now,guess i struck a nerve,mission accomplished.

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02.01.2013 , 06:52 PM | #134
Nono UGLY and Sathid, don't stop there, my popcorn is just ready.

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02.01.2013 , 07:25 PM | #135
Quote: Originally Posted by UGLYMRJ View Post
Sadly there's part of me that expects them to create a match making system on valor or expertise or some other broken way of doing it...

It's frustrating seeing the potential of a game that I really think could have been the next big MMO, slowly get demolished by the devs.

I can't describe how annoying it is that I expect them to do something stupid...
I partially agree with your OP, but I agree 100% with this. After a pause from pvp to raise alts i decided to come back pvping ( and i mostly pug even though i do have the opportunity to go into premades). What i notice now is that the problem is not really pre vs pug although there is still an element of it. The issue is more experienced players vs new comers.

For example just a few minutes ago I got into a novare were there was a premade from a pvp guild and on our side full pug. We got trashed ,then after that on voidstar I go against the same premade again teamed in a full pug group, we pretty much facerolled them until the last doors where they managed to hold their ground, but we still managed to plant with 50s to go. They didnt get past the second door. The difference between the pugs was just that on 1st match we had fresh players still with on 60 , and note that some were already full war hero, while on the second we all ranged from mid 70s and 90s.

The reason people qq so much against premades is that usually experienced pvpers are in pvp guilds that run premades so it happens that those premades have the advantage of being more organized and also have more experience.

In my opinion what needs to be done is to make a 2x4man semi ranked queue. Where premades would be me matched with each other and the matchmaking algorithm could use the ranking to make sure there arent 2 strong premades against 2 weak ones. Then make another solo normal queue , where there would be only pugs and no premades and match those players based on a separate normal rank, or at least on their legacy wide valor .
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02.01.2013 , 08:11 PM | #136
[QUOTE=UGLYMRJ;5801645]This only applies to those who complain about pre-mades ruining war zones for them. You fail to look at it from any other perspective other than your own.

Hi UGLYMRJ, I think that you failed to heed your own advise. Now, don't get me wrong - I think you are 100% correct for any pugs on your server (The Bastion, Jung Ma or POF) crying about imbalance and premades. I mean who joins an MMO to be anti social right, or join a PVP server and then whine about pvp.

However, I think that at least some of post and complains are coming from the land of Care-a-lot, people who joined servers to play with individuals that prefer pve- and whom are just trying to get a taste for pvp or are grinding for War Hero relics (better than the pve ones). In these pve servers you have a hand full of "pvp guilds" that like to feed on carebears and boast about their God like pvp skills. Read some of the reply's to your post and see what server many of these pvp experts come from.

Look at it this way- Imagine a guy comes up to you and says "I'm the best Shaolin Monk in my monastary" and you say "Yeah, was that in China?" He says "no, the catholic convent down the street, those nuns can't avoid my Whapa! Karate chops." I mean you can't help but feel sorry for the nuns, even if they do workout to Taibo.

I pvp about 40% of the time in swtor (I have two lvl 50's, the conqueror title and am working on my warlord title, also lvl'ng two alts through pvp), most of my friends in the guild I belong to only do pve, at most we have formed a group of 4 for warzones (we are by no means a pvp guild).

Anyhow, have a safe and fun filled honeymoon

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02.01.2013 , 08:12 PM | #137
Quote: Originally Posted by UGLYMRJ View Post
This only applies to those who complain about pre-mades ruining war zones for them. You fail to look at it from any other perspective other than your own. Here's the breakdown of the double edged sword.... Let's look at who gets shafted more, yet complain less.

Scenario #1: Pre-mades ruin war zones for PUG's on the opposite team by better communication, coordination and often skill. PUG's get wrecked and aren't happy, immediately log onto forums and click "new thread".

Scenario #2: PUG's are so poorly organized that they literally lose the game for the 4 man pre-made. Pre-made loses what should have been an easy win.

Scenario #3: 4 man pre-made and PUG on same team.... pre-made carries PUG team to victory. (They don't mention this in the list of complaints)

as if more than 1% of the gaming community bothers to read this crap

Scenario #4: PUG's carry pre-made to victory.... just kidding... that almost never happens...

-The other tidbit of information that often gets left out is that there are pre-mades in nearly every war zone, on both sides. The only difference is most of them are bad and it goes unnoticed. They don't mention that either.

-The PUG's who go idle in war zones to farm coms... don't get mentioned either in these lists of complaints.

-The PUG's who shoot down from the edge of their end zone at the warriors in the pit on huttball... also don't get mentioned.

-The PUG's that go on Rambo missions and do nothing but hurt the team... well... they don't get mentioned either.

-The PUG's that put up 50K in stats during a 15 minute voidstar.... no one mentions him in those threads.... but that's probably because HE IS the guy starting the damn thread.

So before you complain... think about who's really getting the worst of this situation.

My point in this is... the pre-mades (good ones) get screwed more often than you PUG's and WE'RE the ones doing the heavy lifting. It's amazing that so many of you can sit here and complain about pre-mades wrecking your face when 2 games later that same pre-made is getting you an easy win.

Want to solve the problem? Use the tools available... form a guild, form a pre-made and get better.

Disclaimer: I know there are good PUG's out there that understand the game and this post does not apply to you. However, you are the minority. The majority of guilds are awful and the PUG's are even worse on average.

In the end... I only hope that one PUG gets this to sink in and the next time they want to complain about pre-mades, they stop, and think... and realize that it's the ones who are putting forth the extra effort by learning to play the game properly, forming groups and organizing tactics and strategies that are far more affected by PUG's vs pre-mades than you PUG's who hop on twice a week for an hour before bed and spam force lightning while face tanking a marauder.

This public service announcement has been brought to you by UGLYMRJ.

The more you know... (Insert rainbow here)
you write this as if more than 1% of the community even bothers to read this drivel this an outer space game of some kind?

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02.01.2013 , 09:49 PM | #138
Quote: Originally Posted by cashogy_reborn View Post
i made an algorithm. let me try to find a way to make it viewable
ok, so i had to go out for a bit and got slightly distracted. worked out most of the bugs i think, here it is:

new rating = initial rating + (SQRT(12/# of games)+5) * ( -.001*abs_val(median opponent rating-initial player rating)+1) * {LOG[(dps*w1) + (dpk*w2) + (prot/life*w3) + (PPL*w4) + (DtPL*w5) + (hps*w6) + (hpl*w7) + (objm/w8) ] / 75)-9.33) }

needs to include an if/then check for all the stat calculations inside the LOG to be >9.33. if its =<9.33 it breaks everything, so i that is the case i set the value of that calculation to 9.34.

im gonna make a thread that details it, but ive tweaked it significantly so that players with high rating get minimal rating gain v low ranked players, vice versa, and that your rating increases at a slower rate the more wzs you play.

oh,and all the w1, w2, etc are weights. you could get real crazy and make another dynamic algorithm that assigns weight values based on how many skill points spent in certain trees. ie a tankassin with a 27/1/13 build would have different weights for its tanking stats that a straight 31pt dps tree or 31pt tank tree.
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02.02.2013 , 04:58 AM | #139
Quote: Originally Posted by UGLYMRJ View Post
stuff in writing
LoL, pugs don't read!


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02.02.2013 , 12:15 PM | #140
Yep alienate the pug player btw it is far lager than than the premade one til they get sick of it and either stop pvping or quit STWOR altogether, in which will drive queue times to 40 to 60 mins thus making it suck for even the premades. Yep by all means BW listen to the pure genius of the OPs post because its only money, right?