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Comcast Issues Connecting / booted off SWTOR?

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Comcast Issues Connecting / booted off SWTOR?

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01.31.2013 , 09:20 AM | #1
So I was having problems connecting / staying connected to SWTOR servers and saw everyone with Comcast was having the same issue, in fact people on the voice server I was on, all the Comcast users would disconnect at the same time lol.
I traced my rout to the SWTOR server and found the hop that was having the problem: []


So I contacted Comcast, and they tried to CHARGE me to transfer me to a lvl 2 tech. Seriously, to talk to a person less qualified than I am to fix a computer or a network and tell them that their service is broken and show them where, they want to charge me?

So if you think calling Comcast is going to get you anywhere it won't unless you want to talk to a $7/hr tech that isn't allowed to have a command prompt installed on their computer. The only other option that I see is for BW to help them fix / reroute it or for the owner of the router ( to fix it, although it seems their phone system is down in all locations.

In case you were wondering why you were being disconnected all the time, I hope that clears it up! This equipment isn't owned by comcast, so it could be effecting other ISPs too. If you traceRT and come across a IP that begins with 209.58.26. and it's timing out packets, it's the same issue everyone else is having.
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