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OK Bioware, what's with the lag and crashes??

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OK Bioware, what's with the lag and crashes??
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02.26.2013 , 01:40 PM | #1191
Quote: Originally Posted by Korser View Post
Passed on your traceroutes to my isp, here is their reply:

Very little we can do here.

The fixed route to the game servers your playing is via Level3. They have set into their BGP routing a fixed route, so our routing is having to accept that. Level3 appear to be selling cheap bandwidth which we presume the game servers are using....and getting busy. We have already tried for another customer a means to get around, but presently without a conclusion.

I have spent a couple of weeks trying to get someone to accept issues at Level3, but so far nothing.
This is similar to what the guy from Emery Telcom (My ISP) was telling the wife and I. Thanks for posting this. BW will ignore it of course and continue to tell all of us from around the world, using many different ISP's, and who play many other MMO's with lillte problem, that their unstable server's are our problem and not theirs. And we wonder why this game tanked so bad early on?
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02.26.2013 , 03:21 PM | #1192
Quote: Originally Posted by Bronholz View Post
Greetings all,

Thanks for contacting us.

There's a few details that I'd like you to provide us with.
  • Server
  • ISP
  • Location
Thanks for your patience.
The Harbinger
Anchorage Alaska

FYI - it's not on OUR END.. LAG was bad before F2P and crashing has increased over the last 3 patchs.
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02.26.2013 , 03:28 PM | #1193
I'm a subscriber, and have massive lag every day from 7:30 pm to 12:10 am EST, I put 23 tickets already in the help center,


and look at this:


Traza a sobre caminos de 30 saltos como m*ximo.

1 * * * Tiempo de espera agotado para esta solicitud <-- (ping protected for forum)
2 30 ms 9 ms 93 ms
3 11 ms 42 ms 8 ms []
4 10 ms 32 ms 21 ms
5 * 110 ms 88 ms []
6 83 ms 139 ms 76 ms []
7 122 ms 131 ms 117 ms []
8 153 ms 141 ms 143 ms []
9 166 ms 167 ms 223 ms []
10 190 ms 195 ms 197 ms []
11 * 265 ms 181 ms []
12 238 ms 211 ms * []
13 191 ms 215 ms 191 ms []
14 248 ms 232 ms 256 ms

Traza completa.

Please, I have near 45 mails to service, and 23 tickets, nobody answer, nobody even look at this, Latin American players are leaving in mases.

I played, Tera, Aion, etc. At the same hours, no lag, WoW work perfect, but SWTOR not, and is with this hour limit, allways from 7:30 pm to 12:00/12:30 am (EST), btw that's the play time lol, every single day, begin with some lag as 500 ms, to 1000 ms, and near 9 pm is like 200k lag, impossible to play. I pay for a service that never work, 23 tickets, 45 mails later, no answer, no fixes, not even an explanation or negative answer, every day i send the pathping and tracert to west server (The Harbinger server), I also create a character in the Europe servers to test, but nothing, the same lag, every day.

My ISP already sent 6 technical specialists (Cable Onda, Panama) and change all wiring and installation to find a solution tested everything and is SWTOR, only, who have this fail, Venezuela, Panama, Colombia, etc. They have exactly the same issue, same hours, same lag, this is awesome, 23 tickets/43 mails, nothing.

Server: The Harbinger
My ISP: Cable Onda (Panama)
Location: Panama, Panama City.

Confiirmed, the lag begin at 7:00 pm EST and end at 12:00 am EST, every day.

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02.26.2013 , 03:54 PM | #1194
Quote: Originally Posted by Klarick View Post
I would love to log and say Hi Owen; but, I get a red dot, then a red x, followed by getting kicked to the infinite loadscreen of SWTOR death. Keep ignoring the issue BW and this game will tank for good soon. Over 1200 people have responded to this, from all around the world using many different ISP's yet you tell all of us to call our ISP's? Really?

Screw this -- Im going to go play EvE for awhile -- at least I can play it without getting booted to a loadscreen or to my desktop.

Last week I had the tech for Emery Telcom to come to the house and check everything (because of issues im having with ONLY SWTOR). He ran over 8,000 packets and had ZERO packet loss. He then changed out our router just so we can rule that out as a suspect. Guess what -- same problem. The tech said there is absolutly NOTHING wrong with our internet. In fact, as said previously, I play way too many MMO's without serious issuse to believe the problem is on my end.

Hehehe the tech of Cable Onda do same tests, and oly has a verdict: "Man these game sux a lot, better you move to better one with a good connection..."

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02.26.2013 , 07:47 PM | #1195
Quote: Originally Posted by Kiniski View Post
Hehehe the tech of Cable Onda do same tests, and oly has a verdict: "Man these game sux a lot, better you move to better one with a good connection..."
Yep, you're not the first that's been told that from their ISP. The wife and I are now questioning whether it is even worth keep our sub active. We play too many other MMO's and none of them give us the issues and the frustration that we get from playing this unstable mess of code known as SWTOR.

I end game raid in WoW, RIFT, and Aion. The wife raids with me in WoW. We raid for 4 hours at a time. NEVER drop to a loadscreen, never get kicked to the desktop -- NEVER. I play EvE. A few weeks ago I was involved in a 2800 person spaceship battle! (Thats 2800 people in same zone at the same time -- missiles, rockets, and other types of weaponry -- Not once did I drop to a loadscreen or get kicked to my desktop.

SWTOR has a server problem, or they have a game-engine problem. They also seem to have a problem with honesty with how they are/are not dealikng with this serious issue.
Klarick -- Healing PUGS since 16 March 1999

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02.26.2013 , 09:13 PM | #1196
Quote: Originally Posted by Grymmjow View Post
Yeah, i'm getting it as well, red bar, then X then crash.
Im getting these aswell.

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02.27.2013 , 01:49 AM | #1197
I think BW isnīt gonna do sh*t about this because they either have a strict budget that doesnīt allow to buy more bandwidth and/or more reliable servers, or they figure what are a few thousands that complain if there are a million?? that dont complain? However they are missing a crucial point, most people dont waste their time writing tickets or posting stuff in forums, if they keep lagging and crashing they just quit and move on to less stressful pastimes. And if this technical issues arenīt seriously addressed in a timely manner all F2P in the world and even the best content (2.0 is really cool) wont prevent this game from going south.
Quote: Originally Posted by Darkabysslord View Post
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02.27.2013 , 08:21 PM | #1198
same thing just started happening with me over the last week or so. get about 5 to 10 mins play wif out lag then just goes dwn hill from there and the game just becomes unplayable. 1st time sum thing like this has ever happened *** IS GOING ON ??

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02.28.2013 , 01:16 AM | #1199
My thoughts are that there is some issues going on for some backbones at present, I know some just want to just blame the game servers, but without pathpings etc it is just a claim.

Have a look at the below thread, for Slugwarts yesterday I would say he found a good path to the servers by trying a different ISP.

For those that claim all other games are good if you think this is just this game at present, how do you explain threads like and the tone is just like people here.

The internet can and does have ongoing issues and can happen anytime, most are fixed in 24 hours but those that aren't means it is likely not a simple fix, your ISP and Biowares end are very small parts of the internet.

This is not to say server issues do not occur, they can, but when they do you have hundreds of people posting here at once, this can also occur when it is just a major internet issue as this affects the majority of people playing on a particular region server.

Is it frustrating, yes it certainly is, is it your ISP or biowares fault, most likely not.

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02.28.2013 , 01:48 AM | #1200
Wait is that Owen making excuses for BW? -- SHOCKING!

Hopefully BW will begin honest dialogue with their customers concerning this issue. Im not holding my breath however. Their record is less than stellar.

Considering that so many others play so many other games with only minor hiccups is all the proof I need. In fact, my wife is in SWTOR right now, and having horrible lag xpikes. I just finished a 3-hour raid in Rift -- it was glorious!

Im going to go play EvE now and laugh at my wifes SWTOR stability problem.
Klarick -- Healing PUGS since 16 March 1999