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Lose 15k Per Sale, Make it up with volume!

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Lose 15k Per Sale, Make it up with volume!

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02.02.2013 , 04:28 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by rob_y View Post
Everyone doing these calculations needs to take a few things into account:

1.) As mentioned above, you don't want to use the full asking price for mats on the GTN. The value of something isn't determined by how much someone is trying to sell it for - it's determined by where the buyers and sellers are meeting. (this is also how you do away with the "just sell the mats" argument - people don't just sit there buying every mat on the GTN... a lot of those don't ever sell).

2.) You need to account for the mats you get back when REing something. If I make a belt and then RE it for the augmentation component, I not only get one component, I get 1-2 mats back. So, it actually takes 2-3 mats per component, not 4.

3.) You need to account for crits in crafting the kits themselves. So, per kit that comes out of this process, you used less than 10 components. If you have a 15% crit chance, then for every 100 components, you end up with 11.5 kits.

Adding #2 and #3 together, you end up with something like (conservatively assuming it's 3 mats per component) 3x100 mats yielding 11.5 kits (and of course, you also use the 400 credit buyable mats).

In terms of farming mats, that ends up being 26 mats per kit. Now, I won't try to put a hard value on the mats, but when you say it costs 26 mats + the piece you can get from the vendor (you need at most 11 of those, so 4400 credits), the price of 35k doesn't seem so low.
4. The thermoplast flux is very easy to get from grade 5 scavenging missions. There's usually a bountiful or rich mission for them available, and sometimes also a moderate yield one. When I need some, I get them for ~50 each from those missions, and they don't sell for that much more on the GTN either.
Running missions for the other mats might give more profit though, tbh I never really considered it since I can't be bothered with selling them anyway (too much effort splitting stacks, tracking prices, keeping them updated etc).

With all those factors taken into account, my gut feeling tells me there should be a profit margin there compared to selling the mats, but...hard to run proper math on that.

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02.02.2013 , 10:24 AM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Alpine View Post
You're assuming everyone buys their materials off the gtn. I gather 100% of my resources. I estimate that it costs me around 15k-20k to make a kit running missions. So, I sell for on average around 35k a kit on my server, that's a decent profit.

You also forgot about criticals. 100% profit on the extra kits, I get a lot of criticals.

Mk-6 kits are not my main source of income, I consider it extra money. I make around 300k-600k a day off the kits.
Impressive. That seems to break down to (assuming gross not net) at least ten kits a day which is 100 components (not counting kit crits). 100 components = 500 or 600 pieces of mat (counting RE returns and not the mats from component to kit). 500 to 600 mats a day running level 5 or 6 missions is quite a bit and takes a long time (even on multiple alts) which does not count the RE time, the logging on and off to multiple alts, and the crafting time for the kits from ccomponents. Not bad for a not main source of income.

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02.04.2013 , 07:51 AM | #23
MK6 kits are starting to get down to the 30k range on Shadowlands and Prophecy of the 5. At that price point it isn't worth it, for my playtime, to sell them.

I think that, just like armormech/sythweaving schematics from before the last server merge (when you could list and sell them for 50k or more - and that died right after the last server merge) the "golden age" of pricing mk6 kits has come and gone.