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Marauder vs Sorc

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01.30.2013 , 08:51 AM | #1
Hello all,

I recently started playing as an Imperial Agent/sniper, after getting to about level 11 I just can't stand how stationary combat is for that class (not not mention how your first companion should have been a tank rather than another imperial agent type class) and well to be frank, this is Star Wars so I want glowsticks.

I'm looking to start a different toon, but am unsure which has better gameplay and or storyline, Marauder or Sorceror. As background I played WoW during Lich King and raided up to Sunwell with the top tier Guild on my server as a Mage so I'm used to reading up on preferred rotations and theory crafting in general (I also played STO for a little bit so I'm not too out of practice), that was a hard time for my severely nerfed mage class and I spent most of my time trying not to die from raid wide damage and CC'ing trash, but I was still able to pump out pretty decent dps.

My goal is to find a class that does decent DPS isn't too squishy, and has multiple uses in PvE and maybe some warzones every now and again (not a big fan of arena style pvp). I've never played a melee DPS class so It'd be a learning experience to go to maurader, but I've heard good things and see a ton of them at fleet, and with sorc I feel I'd be in my comfort zone of ranged DPS while not being to stationary and having heals to fall back on.

Just wanted to get a few final opinions before I rolled again.

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01.30.2013 , 09:00 AM | #2
well, you choose sniper and expect non stationary combat? (also, on that note, if you don't like stationary turret classes, don't even go near sorc I doubt you will like it).

from option you gave, I would say marauder, Sith Warriors have nice story.
there is no arena pvp (depends how you define arena), pvp is objective wise.
'have many uses in pve, maybe some pvp, and does good dps' , from that, I can say, wait a minute and think about assassin/jugger. both have many uses in pve (both can tank and do good dps), they arent squishy, and will give you options on pvp.
(juggernaut - sith warrior , so same story line as marauder, and assassin is same story as sorcerer).
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01.30.2013 , 09:00 AM | #3
As an Imperial Agent your first companion IS a tank (ranged tank).

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01.30.2013 , 09:10 AM | #4
Ok maybe I'm not using her correctly then as all she does is run into melee range and start shooting without covering, healing, or dropping aggro ever.... so pretty much all she does is run into a group of mobs and dies (I usually try to pull more than one group to make things go faster)

I did expect turreting (again I played a mage, another glass cannon type roll) but I did not expect how hard that position is with the sniper, in a group of three I can barely setup and start casting snipe before a melee partner has downed a mob.... I'd like to not have to hit kneel or cover before casting an ability as it seems kinda ridiculous to have to setup then start casting to pump out the same DPS as toons who can just run in and hack away, but that may have more to do with the current patch balance than that class being particularly weaker.

I was also interested in the assasin, but I've heard DPS is lacking compared to a maurader.

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01.30.2013 , 09:34 AM | #5
Well, every sorc/mercenary forum cries how good sniper have it.
Cover mechanics are a pain to learn and get used to, but will pay in the future. Don't run to more then one group, Kalyio is a good tank, and by ranged, it means type. So she CAN shoot from range and most abilities are ranged, but will jump (every 15 sec) to make more threat, and she doesn't use cover.

if she is dying to fast, maybe you forgot to upgrade her gear? or going into heroic area?
you will get more skills around L 20 and most of them aaround 36, like with every class, give it a time.

Also, since leveling is super easy, doing few chars at first is a good practice to find what are you comfortable with. bring them to atleast 25-27 should give more or less an idea for future.
Marauder is far easier to bring high dps then assassin or juggernaut, but it's comparable, and marauder can't tank (and you said you want multiple roles). plus, stealth for pvp is fun
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Not reading colored text, it hurts my eyes. Sorry (unless it's a dev post)
L55:Sniper,Operative,Juggernaut,Assassin,Marauder, Powertech,Guardian,Commando,Scoundrel
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01.30.2013 , 09:40 AM | #6
OK I'll give it more time, but I guess for giggle I'll roll another class, Stealth Melee may be real fun in PVP, and as this is all about having fun that may be where I go.

as for Kailo, I know I'm not in heroic areas but I'm pulling mobs regardless of rank so I may be pulling things much to high for her. I am upgrading her gear, but I don't buy gear and only use drops while leveling so its not the best gear.

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01.30.2013 , 09:49 AM | #7
Pulling multiple mobs is not advised until you have a healer companion and can DPS the mobs on your own fast enough. As to your question, all of the ranged classes are fairly stationary in PVE. Sorcs will be all cast based, but without the benefits cover gives. If you want to be a more mobile sniper, then spec Lethality as it is more DoT based and the other two specs (especially Marksman) are more turrety. Your cover will also be the biggest asset a Sniper has in PVP because you become immune to CC and gap closers. This is definitely the best rDPS AC to have in warzones, especially in the melee heavy environment we have right now.

Marauders have the highest DPS in the game and have for quite some time. If you have experience playing melee classes in MMOs then take a shot with it if you are going for the iconic sabering of being a Jedi. As mentioned, Juggernauts are great for tanking in PVE, and can do good DPS in the right hands, but are going to be out DPSed by an equally skilled marauder by 200 or so DPS. Juggs do have great burst DPS and utility so are very good for PVP.

Sorcerers get a lightsaber but it is nothing more than cosmetic. Good DPS sorcs can put out good enough numbers in PVE, but won't be welcome in high end PVP. There are much better DPS options for PVP. Healing (or hybrid healing) as a sorc will be far more welcome in both areas of the game.

Assassins are good for both PVE and PVP. They can tank extremely well in both areas, but they have good DPS in both areas as well. The nice thing about sins is that they offer quite a bit of utility to a raid (stealth rezzing fallen players, being able to taunt for mechanics, force shroud to clear debuffs in some cases). Their DPS may be a little lower than a mara, but they would certainly be welcome in a raid. They make great node defenders in PVP because of their ability to stealth CC opposing players and overall tankiness to live through an assault until help can arrive.

I think that was all the classes you mentioned. Keep in mind, you have almost none of you true abilities for your Advanced Class yet since you just got it. Many classes take a bit of time to shine so you may not want to give up yet. Once you get used to things, it only takes about 2-3 hours to get to level 11 with a new character so you can give a few things a try and see what you like.
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