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An in-depth look at: Exar Kun

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01.29.2013 , 07:52 PM | #1
"Go to your higher plane, teacher! The galaxy is mine now!"- Exar Kun, Dark Lord of the Sith

Remembered famously as Dark Lord of the Sith, Exar Kun waged terrible war on an unsuspecting galaxy. His war consumed the galaxy, but before that, Exar Kun was a powerful Jedi Knight...

The young Jedi Exar Kun was a brash and arrogant student of Vodo-Siosk Baas. Exar Kun was the best of Baas' students, regularly defeating the other students in duels. Exar Kun's overconfidence led him to challenge Master Baas to a duel, of which Baas proved the victor with ease. Exar Kun would then challenge Baas to another duel, this time wielding two lightsabers. Exar Kun would wield the two lightsabers with incredible skill, allowing him to easily defeat Vodo Baas.

The duel would only increase Exar Kun's arrogance, leading him to believe that he could study the Dark Side without being corrupted. In his quest for Dark Side knowledge, Exar Kun traveled to Onderon, which was still recovering from the Naddist Uprising. There Exar Kun found two Naddists that would help him find the Tomb of Freedon Nadd.

The Naddists would take him to Dxun and lead him into the dead Sith Lord's tomb. There he was visited by the spirit of Freedon Nadd, who told him to go to Korriban to find ancient artifacts.

On Korriban, Exar Kun would be lead into one of the Sith tombs, where the potent spirit of Freedon Nadd caused a cave-in, trapping the Jedi under a pile of rocks. In a desperate attempt to call for aid, Exar Kun reached out to his Jedi Master, but Freedon Nadd stopped him. The ancient spirit told Exar Kun that only the Dark Side could save him. Exar Kun called upon his rage and anger to escape the tomb, continuing his fall to the Dark Side.

From Korriban, Exar Kun was guided to Yavin IV. Upon his arrival, Exar Kun was confronted by Naga Sadow's Massassi Warriors. Exar Kun was unable to call on the Light Side and had not fully embraced the Dark, allowing the Massassi to easily capture him.

Exar Kun became subject to the rituals of the Massassi and was about to be sacrificed to a powerful Sith Wyrm. The fallen Jedi struggled against the alchemically created monster, but could not vanquish the Wyrm. In the last moment, Freedon Nadd's spirit appeared before them, telling Exar Kun that the only way to survive was to embrace the Dark Side and steal the powerful Sith amulet that the Massassi Warriors used as apart of their ritual.

Embracing the Dark Side, Exar Kun called the amulet to him and unleashed the Dark Side on the Sith Beast. He then slaughtered the Massassi ritualists without hesitation. He had fully embraced the Dark Side and saw no need to leave Freedon Nadd to constantly pester him. Using the power of the Sith amulet, Exar Kun utterly destroyed Freedon Nadd's spirit, ending the Sith Lord's existence.

Using his newfound powers, Exar Kun enslaved the Massassi Warriors and commanded them to build great temples for him. He then plundered the teachings of Naga Sadow that remained on the planet, studying the ways of Sith Alchemy and Sith Magic. His studies gave him a working mastery of the ancient Sith teachings, allowing him to create powerful Sith monstosities. He also excavated Naga Sadow's battleship*.

While Exar Kun was considered a god by the Massassi, he was not content with his rule of the small moon. His ambition grew and he sought out threats to his power. He would find them in the Empress Teta system among the Krath. The Krath leaders- Aleema and Satal Keto- were aided by fallen Jedi Ulic Qel-Droma, who Exar Kun noted to be the only one who could challenge him.

Before Exar Kun's arrival to the Iron Citadel, Ulic Qel-Droma cut down Satal Keto in a fit of rage, leading Aleema to take him as her partner in leading the Krath. Exar Kun would arrive in the midst of a battle between the Jedi and the Krath. Exar Kun infiltrated the Iron Citadel and confronted Aleema and Ulic. He used his power to incapacitate Aleema Keto and challenged Ulic to a duel.

The two seemed evenly matched in their dueling skills, but the duel would not last. As they dueled, a host of ancient Sith appeared around them, lead by ancient Sith Lord Marka Ragnos. Ragnos halted the duel and dubbed Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma Dark Lords of the Sith. Exar Kun was the stronger of the two and became the first Dark Lord of the Sith since Naga Sadow, with Ulic as his Sith apprentice. The Sith had been reborn, the new Golden Age was at hand. Marka Ragnos commanded the new Sith to bring about a new Golden Age of the Sith. Thus beginning the Great Sith War.

Exar Kun waged terrible war on the galaxy. He left Ulic and the Krath, along with the Mandalorians, to deal with the Republic while he moved against the Jedi. His first strike was against the Jedi Library on Ossus, where he easily dispatched the Historian Odan-Urr, and stole the Draethos Jedi Master's Dark Holocron. He would use this Holocron to corrupt the most promising students of the Jedi Order and send them to kill their Jedi Masters.

He would then build a new lightsaber. A weapon the Jedi Order had never seen: a double-bladed lightsaber. Which he would use to great effect against the Jedi Order.

When Ulic demanded that the Sith finish off the Republic with an attack on Coruscant, Exar Kun told him that the attack would fail. Ulic would refuse to listen to his Dark Master and attack the galactic capital. During the attack, Aleema Keto would betray Ulic and take command of the Krath and the Mandalorians. She fled Coruscant, leaving Ulic to face the judgment of the Republic Inquisition.

Exar Kun then traveled to Coruscant and marched into the Senate, using his power to paralyze the Senators. He then killed the Supreme Chancellor and rescued Ulic. Before they could leave, Exar Kun was confronted by his former master. Vodo-Siosk Baas pleaded with Exar Kun to return to the Light, but Exar Kun countered with an offer to join him in his crusade. A duel between the two ensued. Exar Kun fought the enhanced quarterstaff of his master using a single blade. It seemed that they were evenly matched, until Exar Kun unleashed his double-bladed lightsaber. Using his new weapon, Exar Kun easily dispatched Vodo Baas, taunting his former master as he became One with The Force.

Exar Kun returned to Yavin IV and prepared to unleash his newest weapon on the Jedi Library world of Ossus. He had discovered the secret power of Naga Sadow's battleship: the ability to make stars go nova. He placed the ship under the command of Aleema Keto, telling her to activate it in the Cron Cluster. But he did not tell her that the ship would not be protected from the nova, nor did he tell her that the ship had been modified to create a chain reaction of supernovas.

Aleema Keto activated the weapon during the battle of Kemplex 7, killing her and destroying the Krath fleet. The resulting chain reaction made its way to Ossus.

During the Jedi Order's frantic evacuation, Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma began the invasion. While Ulic engaged the Jedi, Exar Kun confronted Neti Jedi Master Ood Bnar. Exar Kun was able to easily defeat Ood Bnar, but the Neti drew upon his natural abilities to morph himself into a powerful tree, preventing Exar Kun from looting Ood's treasures. Exar Kun was forced to flee the battle at the approach of the supernova.

During the battle, Ulic Qel-Droma engaged his brother Cay in a furious duel. Ulic proved victorious and cut his brother down. Witnessing this act, Nomi Sunrider cut Ulic off from The Force. Faced with what he had done, and what had been done to him, Ulic abandoned his Sith Master and joined the Jedi. He led them to Exar Kun's sanctum on Yavin IV.

The Republic fleet and the entire Jedi Order launched a massive invasion of the moon, but had no idea what Exar Kun was about to do. The Sith Lord drew his Massassi Warriors to him and began a ritual to allow himself to wage war everlasting on the Jedi Order. Sensing that the tide was turning, the Republic and the Jedi under the leadership of Thon and Nomi Sunrider retreated. It was then that the Jedi resolved to create a Wall of Light around the planet to keep Exar Kun imprisoned there.

The Light Side energies reacted with the Dark Side energies created by Exar Kun, causing a massive wildfire that burned the planet, wiping out all that remained of Exar Kun. Or so they thought.

Millenia later, when Luke Skywalker's New Jedi Order was a simple Academy, the spirit of Exar Kun returned to unleash his Dark Wrath on the galaxy. First he appeared before Luke's student Gantoris. The student proved easy to corrupt, but he resisted the Sith Lord, forcing him to kill the young student by burning him from the inside. He then corrupted and slightly possessed the powerful Jedi Kyp Durron.

In addition to this, Exar Kun assaulted Luke Skywalker's spirit, forcing him into a coma. His Dark taint created chaos in the Academy, but he was eventually defeated. When his spirit was confronted by the spirit of Luke Skywalker and Vodo-Siosk Baas, Exar Kun's spirit was destroyed. Millenia of existence came to an end at the hands of Luke Skywalker and his Academy.

Exar Kun was an incredibly powerful Sith Lord. The most powerful Sith Lord the galaxy had ever known. He was skilled in many powerful abilities including Force Blasts, Sith Magic, Sith Alchemy, Force Filght and an extremely powerful Force Sense.

He was an incredibly skilled duelist, mastering a brutal combination of Niman and Jar'Kai that allowed him to dominate in all fields of dueling. Few Jedi during his time could match his skills with the blade and power in The Force.

Exar Kun's legacy made him feared for many generations. The Sith Lord proved to be nearly unstoppable. If not for the fall of Ulic Qel-Droma, he would have destroyed the Jedi and the Republic.

*Naga Sadow's class of battleship was used during which war?

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01.29.2013 , 07:58 PM | #2
Actually he didn't redeem himself like Ulic mostly due to he didn't go just by hate and anger. He really accepted the Sith' logic, he got rewarded after he proved his power, both from the massassi and the ghost of Ragnos. As for the Jedi it's different, he wasn't allowed to expand his power especially through the study of the Dark Side. And there are indeed many flaws of the Jedi at that time, their way partly caused Ulic and Kun's fall. He still got some good before he killed his master, we can see it during the fight and he was struggling before made the killing blow.

He also didn't betray others except Carig, maybe some Jedi traits still affected him.