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Starkiller meets Yoda

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01.29.2013 , 06:42 PM | #1
I know, that many people don't like TFE games, but I was wondering - why Starkiller didn't sensed Yoda powers [or just how powerfull is Yoda), as he was so close to him? Moreover why Yoda, didn't do anything while he was seeing guy with Imperial ornaments on his cloths [strong in the Force guy]?
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01.29.2013 , 07:04 PM | #2
Due to the planet being pretty much composed of Dark side energy this cloaked Yoda from the Emperor, Vader, etc.

There is a ton of lore explaining just this, but sadly I am not the person to ask.

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01.29.2013 , 07:11 PM | #3
He was oblivious to Yoda and who he was, as for Yoda not doing anything he didn't need to. He knew that Starkiller was there for a reason, as it was apart of his destiny.
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