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Cant out-dps operative healers as a scoundrel scrapper

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Cant out-dps operative healers as a scoundrel scrapper

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01.29.2013 , 09:56 AM | #1
i try and i try to kill OP healers but they keep on outdoing me. i use every ability i have and try to interrupt there channel healing and yet there health keeps staying at about 50% or more. And i hate it when they stun or cc you and heal themselves to 100% in all that time. Now i have full WH gear with about three EWH gear pieces (the blaster,shotgun and one relic) but it still doesn"t seem to get my dps high enough to kill them. Now I can do very well against other classes and have saved many teammats and wz rounds but when healers come in i feel so weak to them and since it starts taking time on them one of there teammates usually sees me and kills me or i disapear. With other classes i can kill them pretty easy (especially my BH powertech), except my tank guardian but i dont expect him to. If any other scrappers or concealments oit there who know how to kill them quickly please tell me. Though i kinda think scoundrels need to be buffed.

P.S My freind has played a OP concealment and he thinks there weak also. Amd i have killed a few healers but when i do it seems really easy as if they have lower gear then me.

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01.29.2013 , 12:43 PM | #2
Realistically, if your target is any good you probably aren't going to be able to take them down solo. This is especially true if they are guarded or protected by taunts. But even if you are just forcing them to heal themselves instead of their team you are doing a fine job. Just call for help from allies, mark up your target, and be persistent.

In terms of concrete, tactical tips, try to save your Dirty Kick until they are at around 30% health. Similarly, make sure both Sabotage Charge and Backblast are up at that time. Once they hit 30%, Kick, Charge, Backblast. That should bring them under 10%, from which you can just try and Blaster Whip and Sucker Punch your way to the finish line. If either BB or SC isn't up when the enemy is at 30%, however, you probably won't have the damage to get through, so you need to plan ahead.

Never waste energy on Vital Shot. They will cleanse it in 1-5 seconds and you will have wasted 20 energy on about 400 damage.

Finally, do not use your escape if you are just Debilitated/Dirty Kicked. In 4 seconds of stun, your opponent can throw down 2 heals, but you will also get 4 more seconds for your moves to get off of CD. You can often make up the damage. BUT if you crack the Debilitate and then get Flashbanged, you will lose literally all of your progress. In 8 seconds, the Op can throw down at least 4 heals and get a full 8 seconds of slow-release kolto. Always save your escape for the Flashbang!

Good luck out there.
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01.31.2013 , 05:47 AM | #3
Thanks, i'll try it.