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[RP-PvP/RP-PvE]SCAR-Scantily-Clad Advanced Regiment

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[RP-PvP/RP-PvE]SCAR-Scantily-Clad Advanced Regiment

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01.29.2013 , 01:16 AM | #1
We are currently recruiting for our new guild called Scantily Clad Advanced Regiment (chosen by a friend of mine). We currently have 4 founding members, and wish to expand to allow more people in. We go across two games. One being SWTOR, and the other being GW2. We are looking for:

- Republic players. We do not play on the empire!
- Friendly and laid back members who respect others within guilds
- Anywhere between casual to harcore gamers are welcome (although harcore players may not find this to be the guild for them).
- Should speak english (kind of obvious).
- Must be relatively active (at least once or twice a week).

And i cannot think of any more at the moment.

To apply, first sign up for our website here:
The go to recruitment and apply for the section you wish to join (I presume you want SWTOR).

If you have any questions, PM me.

EDIT: We are going to form the guild in game when one of our founding members reaches level 10, however I will accept application before then.

EDIT#2: I would give some back story to the guild, but it is rather self-explanatory. The name, to make this brief, came about due to our tendency to wear revealing outfits in SWTOR, and now seeks to expand this belief to the rest of the republic.